the video which accompanies this is absolutely spot on … thought provoking … entertaining…

. . . the video which accompanies this is absolutely spot on … thought provoking … entertaining…


Caution: Don’t Share This! You Might Start A Revolution!

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May your troubles be less; may your blessings be more and may nothing but happiness come through your door

10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy

. . . The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You Buy. . .


We know the ten "people" that run the world, that 25 cities represent over half the world’s GDP, and that the world’s billionaires control a stunning $33 trillion in net worth… but who controls what the average joe-sixpack on Main Street buys? As PolicyMic notes, these ten mega corporations control the output of almost everything we buy – from household products to pet food and from jeans to jello. The so-called"Illusion of Choice," that these corporations (and their nepotistic inter-relationships) create is remarkable…

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(Note: The chart shows a mix of networks. Parent companies may own, own shares of, or may simply partner with their branch networks. For example, Coca-Cola does not own Monster, but distributes the energy drink. Another note: We are not sure how up-to-date the chart is. For example, it has not been updated to reflect P&G’s sale of Pringles to Kellogg’s in February.)

‘big-something’ is always

. . .privacy as understood is illusion and simply a state of mind … ‘big-something’ is always attempting to watch and record you … so get over it…


FBI Preparing To Roll Out Nationwide Facial Recognition System


11/26/2013  •   From fighting terrorism to processing payments in the blink of an eye, facial recognition is set to change our ideas on privacy.  




It’s not Obamacare, it’s business

By: Kyle Cheney and Paige Winfield Cunningham     For the insurance industry, the new health care law isn’t about politics — it’s business.   …more:

ever heard of JURY NULLIFICATION… ?

. . . ever heard of JURY NULLIFICATION… ?


clip_image002Texas Judge Publicly Denounces Jurors For Acquitting Defendant And Acting Like The O.J.

11-25-2013  •  Jonathan Turley

We previously discussed an Ohio judge who chastised a jury and threatened a defendant that his acquittal would not end the matter for her. Now Texas visiting Judge Jerry Ray has joined the ranks of judges who express their anger at juries for not ruling as they expect. Ray told a jury that it violated its oath and acted like the jury in the O.J. Simpson case.   ………………….Read Full Story

we ain’t going anywhere…

clip_image002. . . don’t worry our military industrial corporate congressional cabal will not allow this as they need Afghanistan as a place to use their latest drones … ‘killer” war toys … we ain’t going anywhere…


U.S. says may pull out all troops as Afghan leader holds up deal

11-26-2013  •  Reuters

…. Karzai told U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice in Kabul on Monday that the United States must put an immediate end to military raids on Afghan homes and demonstrate its commitment to peace talks before he would sign a bilateral security pact, Karzai’s spokesman said. …


"Without a prompt signature, the U.S. would have no choice but to initiate planning for a post-2014 future in which there would be no U.S. or NATO troop presence in Afghanistan,"…

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As much as I want to blame

. . As much as I want to blame Wall $treet they helped corporate media plant the $eed in u$ that private for profit pri$on is the way to go … but it was solely our choice to “buy-into” it and we did … big time … especially in Arizona…


How Wall Street Turned America Into Incarceration Nation

Les Leopold, AlterNet

Transforming poorer neighborhoods into desirable real estate for the new elites often requires getting rid of the poor: jail becomes the new home for many.