This looks like a project “WE” should demand our government back 100000%…

…This looks like a project “WE” should demand our government back 100000%…

This Drone Wants to Rid The World Of Landmines In 10 Years
07-19-2016  •
Please let this life-saving, kickstarter drone campaign take off

NO he was not being funny

clip_image002And NO he was not being funny

Michael Moore Gives 5 Scary Reasons Why Trump Will Win

"Get out of your bubble, people!"

By Alexandra Rosenmann / AlterNet  ..Despite his "sh*t show" of a campaign, no one can doubt Trump’s momentum; especially not liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who, for months, hasurged mainstream media not to underestimate Donald Trump.

Though he may get no pleasure from being right, Moore told Business Insider in December 2015 that “Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the Republican candidate for president of the United States.”

And last night, returning to "Real Time With Bill Maher," Moore made another terrifying prediction.

"I’m sorry to be the buzzkill… but I think Trump is gonna win," Moore told host Bill Maher. According to the filmmaker, here’s why:

1. The Rust Belt/Brexit Strategy  …"Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. The total votes of [Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania ]… 64," Moore told Maher. "All he has to do is win those four states."

2. The Trump Family   …Trump’s main surrogates—his own family—have become Republican National Convention superstars, and their testimonials really cause voters to consider, "well if he raised them, he can’t be so bad, right?" Moore points out that the family members are not really looking like the "hostages" liberal voters might have thought they would. In fact, "between [Melania] and the children, none of them have offerered any of the sort of anecdotes that you would expect," Moore pointed out.

3. Make America Great Again? How About Just Reality Television   …Moore believes Trump doesn’t even want to be in the White House; that he’ll give it to Mike Pence and his children after buying an estate in Fairfax. "The thing that we’re describing… ‘Make America Great Again’… He’s gonna turn his presidency into a reality show; a literal reality show. But if I say that, millions are gonna go, ‘F*ck yea,’" Moore said.

4. Angry White Men Vote ..While statiscally, Trump needs as many as 7/10 white guys to win the presidency, Moore insists that angry white men are incredibly dependable when it comes to voting. "White men over 35 are only 19 percent of the country, but that’s 40 million voters, and I’m telling you they’re going to be out there [at the polls]," Moore said.

5. The Two Sides Don’t Even Talk Anymore …It’s worth investigating the yearlong conundrum of why poor, middle-American voters identify so well with an ego-centric real estate mogul from New York. "When you say, he hasn’t read a book in his adult life, you’ve just described the majority of Americans. Get out of your bubble, everybody!" Moore urged.

Alexandra Rosenmann is an AlterNet associate editor. Follow her @alexpreditor

food items that can prevent nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind

OFFERED SIMPLY AS FYI … did not “vet” any information in this article …


As decreed solely by Natural News … Inexpensive food items that can prevent nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind


Thursday, July 21, 2016 by: S. D. Wells ……(NaturalNews) Nothing’s more true than the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." Not only does that ounce of prevention save you the nightmare of being sick, probably missing work and most likely accumulating medical bills, but that same "ounce" of prevention may only literally weigh an ounce and cost less than 15 bucks.

In America, people have been brainwashed by the medical industrial complex into believing that food can’t prevent or cure anything, but just the opposite is true. In fact, there’s a natural cure for every health ill under the sun, and the secret "recipe" involves taking a couple of 5 dollar bills out of your purse or wallet, buying the item, opening the package and putting the remedy in your mouth. It’s a super simple process that seems too easy, and that’s exactly why so many people fail to have the faith required to actually walk the walk, so they won’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at doctor’s offices and hospitals – those dreadful places where health problems often get much, much worse.

The best advice in the world is free, so get ready to get smart and stay healthy. Here are the top 10 most inexpensive food (and supplement) items that can prevent and usually heal nearly every disease and disorder known to mankind:

#1. Oil of oregano (most popular in capsules or tincture form): Nature’s most reliable antibiotic (also anti-fungal and antibacterial) kills pollen allergies fast, helps with sinus problems and respiratory infections, and can defend against those "throwing up" viruses kids bring home from school. How? One of the active agents in oregano, rosmarinic acid, is a powerful antioxidant that supports immune power. One supplement helping of oil of oregano gives you the antioxidant punch of eating 42 apples! Oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, because it contains beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP), which can be beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis and metabolic syndrome. So much for those expensive prescriptions! Ask your Naturopath.

#2. Licorice root (often sold in supplement capsule form): This natural remedy has a wonderful list of benefits, and may be the most often overlooked of all natural remedies. Got asthma, canker sores, coughs, or emphysema? Check out licorice root. Got heartburn, fungal infections or liver troubles? What about a sore throat, arthritis, or yeast infections? The glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root even helps with nervousness, anxiety and depression, by encouraging proper functioning of the adrenal glands.

#3. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil: The oil from these seeds is amazing at promoting heart health and preventing heart disease and strokes, thanks to its three-to-one ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It also nourishes hair, skin and nails. It can be used topically or mixed in your smoothies. It’s got a nutty flavor that’s rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is amazing for cognitive function and eye health. Talk about Alzheimer’s prevention! Plus, hemp seed oil is mercury free, unlike many fish oils.

#4. Coconut oil: Ever heard of oil pulling? Dentists won’t mention it, unless they’re holistic, because you won’t be suffering any more cavities. Just swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 10 minutes after brushing and flossing, and wave bye-bye to those cavities. Amazing for brain health and skin health, and even great for cooking, coconut oil is another great source of omega 3s and a defender against Alzheimer’s and cancer. Trader Joe’s brand tastes amazing and is quite inexpensive.

#5. Aloe: Looking to fix constipation, heartburn or stomach aches? Want to regulate blood sugar, detoxify the colon, lose weight, burn more calories, improve circulation, strengthen immunity, regulate blood pressure and reduce inflammation, all in one fell swoop? Get out a couple of 5 dollar bills and hit the health food store, or just buy an aloe plant and keep it growing while you use the juice!

#6. Lemon juice: Want a daily superfood tonic that contains cancer-fighting compounds and is super cheap? Combine lemon juice and baking soda with filtered water. Raise that body pH with a natural remedy that outperforms chemo drugs!

#7. Kombucha: Oh yes! "The immortal health elixir" of the ancient Chinese has been a health anecdote for more than two millennia. Made from a fermented sweet tea, this fizzy symbiotic colony of good bacteria will forever replace that soda!

#8. Ginger: Ginger root’s benefits are too long to list; you could write an encyclopedia. Start off by fighting cancer, helping with IBS, protecting against Alzheimer’s and reducing fat accumulation.

#9. Turmeric: The "Queen of Spices" has properties that are antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-inflammatory. If every oncologist in America would simply prescribe turmeric instead of chemo drugs, we would see a massive decline in cancer deaths.

#10. Chia seeds: Two tablespoons a day gives you 7 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 205 mg of calcium and 5 grams of omega 3s. Wow!

Organic is key because it does NOT contain pesticides or toxic herbicides!    Remember to always first look for organic versions of these food items to be sure that they don’t contain pesticides. Also, you can rely on the Health Ranger to inspect foods, superfoods and supplements for heavy metal toxins that even the "organic" label doesn’t verify. Check out Mike Adams’ new book available for pre-sale now, Food Forensics, that examines multiple genres of nature’s best remedies, and shows you exactly how to distinguish the cleanest supplements and foods on earth.

That’s certainly one perspective … is there another…???

…That’s certainly one perspective … is there another…???

…Might this be a time for all humanity to thoroughly contemplate how “WE” can all occupy and enjoy the benefits  Mother Earth has provided… ???

…What…tooooo socialistic…communistic…why can we NOT all share…???

It Looks Like the Global Debt Bomb Is Ready to Blow

07-20-2016  • ….In recent years we’ve seen global debts soar to heights never before seen in human history

Likely there are groupss and individuals who would like to exploit this ineptness

And these are the folks “WE” look to protect our President … perhaps this sheds light on how inept protection of our President has become … Likely there are groupss and individuals who would like to exploit this ineptness…

Stolen Guns, Male Prostitutes, Booze Binges & More! New Secret Service Scandal Exposed


07-21-2016 • Radar Online … has obtained proof that the Secret Service is a corrupt zoo — more booze soaked, amoral and sex-fueled than even the Colombia hooker scandal of 2012 revealed!

After a four-year fight, Radar can reveal some of the shocking content of 6,441 never-before-seen government documents exposing astounding corruption in the agency charged with protecting our leaders.

"A male Secret Service Agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online," reads one sensational report dated May 2, 2014.


"Inspectors conducted a review of his issued laptop and discovered the solicitation was made using his government computer…The weapon has not been recovered."

Most of the documents originate with the Department of Homeland Security’s probe (DHS) following the 2012 scandal in which agents brought Colombian prostitutes to their hotel…..Read Full Story

in the moment America remains under strict control of a military industrial corporate congressional “bank$ter” cartel/cabal

…For me is rings highly probable … difficult as in the moment America remains under strict control of a military industrial corporate congressional “bank$ter” cartel/cabal…

…And they will not admit anything … and ‘WE” continue to receive only information branded TRUE by a “press” they control…


JFK Turned to Peace and Was Assassinated

07-20-2016  • ……Researchers who have investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy for 30 or more years have concluded that he was murdered by a conspiracy of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, and the Secret Service. 

…”WE” unquestioningly saw and see law enforcement through “rose-colored-glasses”

clip_image002…What happened to LOCAL law enforcement … local Cops … Cops walking a beat…

…”WE” unquestioningly saw and see law enforcement through “rose-colored-glasses” …

…If … “WE” are WHITE we tend NOT to see or turn a blind eye on the instructional racism premating most community law enforcement especially schools … driving … social gatherings…

…Can’t do as the cat is out of the bag…


Cops Across the U.S. Now Issuing Ominous Threats of Civil War

07-20-2016  • ….With increasing frequency, law enforcement personnel – including prominent sheriffs, police chiefs, and other command-level officers – are overtly stating that they are at war with the public they supposedly serve. Few have been as candid as a se