Searching for Do you know for what..?



Searching for

Do you know for what..?

Can with precision


Color – texture—smell

Taste – feel –

 Even got a clue..?

Just wandering around

Hoping it will bump

Into you

Or you into it

And even it if did

Would you even know…?


Got it you’re looking for the magic claimed

To exist in





If these tomorrow

Hit you in the face

Would you even 



Not know precisely what

You’re looking for


You’ll never find

Even if it smacks you

Many times in the face…

Of this be assured



A successful search

With careful preparation begins

Every detail thoughtfully explored

Accidents to be avoided

At all costs

No time to waste

And none will be

When what you’re looking for

Is clearly defined…


The journey then

Like a scavenger hunt becomes

Where every clue

Revealed leads forward to another

Progress made

Perhaps not as quickly as one

Might like

But the journey

Its self is quite a ride

Not one you want to miss

As searching is discovery

And on this journey

You discover




$alivating for another war…

…”Di$honest John McCain is just $alivating for another war…

Neocon John McCain Blames Putin and Assad for US War Crimes in Syria

Stephen Lendman……….   Syria – McCain is part of the neocon lunatic fringe infesting Washington, a criminal gang waging war on humanity.

WATER was consider part of the “commons”… but

…At one time WATER was consider part of the “commons”… but … America has allowed corporate to make WATER a commodity for $ale to those who can afford it subject to conditions they impose…


A glass of water, courtesy of Wall Street — towns have turned to private equity to improve infrastructure, but it has come at a hefty price.

Saturday, December 24, 2016 11:06 AM EST


Desperate towns have turned to private equity firms to manage their waterworks. But though these deals bring much-needed upgrades, they can come with a hefty price tag — not just to pay for new pipes, but also to help the investors earn a nice return, a New York Times analysis has found.

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Biting the hand that $ecure$ them at a time like this is that really smart…???

…Biting the hand that $ecure$ them at a time like this is that really smart…???

Israel Rejects "Shameful" UN Resolution Amid Criticism of Netanyahu


Read the Article at the Guardian US

will come for yours soon enough…

…Don’t worry the Trump government will come for yours soon enough…

Published on….Friday, December 23, 2016  …by ….Common Dreams  US Government Quietly Starts Asking Travelers for Social Media Accounts


Controversial program met with opposition from civil liberties groups when first proposed in June

..Governing a nation in a 140 words or less is dangerous…

..Governing a nation in a 140 words or less is dangerous…


In a day of tweets, Trump suggests major change on national security issues

The president-elect addressed the nuclear arsenal and the F-35 fighter and slapped down a U.N. resolution on Israel.

…Imagine that… I know… hard to believe

…Imagine that… I know… hard to believe


Money is pouring into immunotherapy research for cancer. But most of the patients who get into experimental trials are white.

Friday, December 23, 2016 10:47 AM EST


As immunotherapy research takes off, the patients getting the treatment have been overwhelmingly white. Researchers know this and say they are trying to correct it.

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