Cross Trump at your peril

…As long as everyone understands they are to automatically capitulate to “The Donald’s’ position everything will be fine…

…Cross Trump at your peril…

Divergent Views: How Well Will Trump Get Along With His Own Cabinet?

12-27-2016  • by MishMoments ….Trump’s cabinet picks degree with him in key areas such as the deficit, trade, foreign policy, and climate change

As ”WE” are quickly learning everything with “the Donald” is relative…!!!

… Hello … Are you telling us that “W” Bush had an “ethics” lawyer…???

… How is this possible as George “W” did not have a clue what ethics is…???

…As ”WE” are quickly learning everything with “the Donald” is relative…!!!


George W. Bush’s Ethics Lawyer: Trump Will Be in Violation of Constitution on Day One


STORYDECEMBER 28, 2016  Could Donald Trump be in violation of the Constitution on his first day in office? That’s the conclusion of some leading constitutional law experts. The Constitution prohibits officeholders from accepting "any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state." Law experts say many of Trump’s businesses are already benefiting from his presidency. Kuwait, for example, recently moved its National Celebration Day from the Four Seasons in Georgetown to the Trump International Hotel instead. According to ThinkProgress, Kuwait faced political pressure from the Trump camp to move the location. Other diplomats have reportedly been urged to hold events at Trump’s hotel. Trump and his family also have holdings or projects in Argentina, Brazil, Georgia, India, Ireland, Japan, Philippines and Turkey. In addition, Trump’s businesses owe hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks, including Deutsche Bank, UBS and Bank of China. We speak to Richard Painter, professor of corporate law at the University of Minnesota. He was the chief White House ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush from February 2005 to July 2007.

“bank$ter$” do not go to jail in America

…What don’t you understand … “bank$ter$” do not go to jail in America … instead they serve as Trump’s Sec of Treasury… and guardian of our economy… How about that for ju$tice…???

Goldman-Sachs Caught Manipulating US Dollar — No One Arrested, Slap on Wrist Instead

12-27-2016  • The same company that paid Hillary Clinton nearly $700,000, for three one-hour speeches, has now been ordered to pay a nine-figure sum for currency market manipulation.

Talk about FAKE

clip_image002…Yet “WE” erroneously claim to be the beacon for peace…???

…Talk about FAKE…???

US Sold Most of World’s Weapons in 2015, Hitting $40 Billion

12-27-2016  • by Jason Ditz ….Qatar Bought Nearly Half of America’s Arms

Whatever gave you the impression that “The Donald” gives a damn whether it is legal…???

…Whatever gave you the impression that “The Donald” gives a damn whether it is legal…???

Trump Says He’s Going to Shut Down His Foundation, But He Can’t Do It Legally

By Matthew Rozsa, Salon

The president-elect’s charity is still under investigation for improper use of funds. READ MORE»

All this command and control crap will not solve anything…

…All this command and control crap will not solve anything…

Banning cameras in the House of Representatives isn’t a solution to anything

POSTED AT 8:01 AM ON DECEMBER 28, 2016 BY JAZZ SHAW  Having bad ideas for government policy isn’t strictly the province of the Democrats. The GOP appears poised to prove that they can play in that arena with the best of them as they introduce a new proposal designed to regulate the conduct of their members on the House floor. As Fox News reports this week, a new rules change under consideration would impose fines on members who break an existing rule about the use of personal cameras and cell phones. Under these rules, members would be face significant fines for recording video and pictures of events in the lower chamber and putting them out on the web.

House members could be fined and referred to the Ethics Committee if they break rules governing electronic video and pictures in the House chamber under a new rule proposed by House Republicans more than six months after the Democrats’ guerrilla sit-in over gun control.

Fox News has obtained a document spelling out the proposed penalties. House Republicans are proposing sanctioning members with a $500 fine for the first offense and $2,500 for additional offenses.

“Any subsequent offense will be assessed at the higher amount, regardless of whether it is connected to any other offense by time or proximity,” part of the proposal reads.

as Israel is “unfazed’ that American $$$ and military support is

image…Appears to me that as Israel is “unfazed’ that American $$$ and military support is no longer needed and Israel is ready “unfazed” to face the Middle East solely as it deems appropriate…

…Good Luck…

John Kerry harshly rebuked Israel over its settlements, saying the U.S. couldn’t allow "a two-state solution to be destroyed"

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 12:00 PM EST


Secretary of State John Kerry, in one of his last speeches as secretary of state, said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was allowing the agenda of the settler movement to define the future of Israel. But he said “there is still a way forward if the responsible parties are willing to act.’’

And he defended the Obama administration’s policy on Israel, citing what he called unprecendented military assistance and cooperation. “No American administration has done more for Israel’s security than Barack Obama’s,’’ he declared.

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