made about an “elected city prosecutor” is compelling

clip_image002The assessment Mr. Simplot made about an “elected city prosecutor” is compelling though I wonder how do “WE” assure this dept. will be adequately funded to serve in our best interests as I would understand it would need approval from our reputedly non-partisan Phoenix City Council…???

…And though branded/labeled non-partisan the Phoenix City Council’s politically-partisan views are clearly visible…

how enflaming and provoking

clip_image002…Perhaps the author of this opinion would be so kind as to how enflaming and provoking provide evidence/proof over One Billon Muslins worldwide … only helps protect U.S. citizens…???

…”WE” were sure his next words would

clip_image002…As Mr. Montini is well aware this “vetting” was intended to have been performed as part the campaign and it was …

  …Only “we” chose not to accept that Trump was actually telling us his truth…

…”WE” were sure his next words would be … “Your’re Fired”….

CHAOS is breeding ground for resistance

…There is an adage … be careful what you wish for …”WE” voted for CHANGE and got CHAOS…

… CHAOS is breeding ground for resistance …

For a sustaining honorable CHANGE to flourish “WE” must sustain resistance …

…Check back in … 90 … 180… 360 days and evidence the CHANGE which will likely endure…

With Muslim Ban, Trump and Bannon Wanted Chaos, but Not Resistance


Laleh Khalili, Truthout: The content and execution process of Trump’s Muslim ban and other executive orders point to a deliberate strategy of sowing chaos so that an administration lacking an electoral mandate can consolidate its power. What the White House had not counted on was the overwhelming resistance organized in opposition.  …..Read the Article 


proves that the Senate is now nothing more

clip_image002Such an action only proves that the Senate is now nothing more than Trumps’ puppet rubber stamp…

On the death of the Senate and its long history as the world’s greatest deliberative body

With a Supreme Court nomination looming, Republicans are contemplating putting an end to the filibuster.

What the hell are “we’ dong…???

What happened to Welcome to America where everyone has the right to silence … where you will be treated respectfully  … land of the free and home of the brave … What the hell are “we’ dong…???

Sean Spicer Defends Detention of 5-Year-Old: It’s ‘Misguided’ to Think Kids Don’t ‘Pose a Threat

By David Edwards, Raw Story …The young child from Iran was separated from his parents and detained under Trump’s misguided executive order…….. READ MORE»

disrupting change

…Yes he is delivering very “disrupting change”…

Trump promised disruption. That’s exactly what he’s delivering.


Chris Cillizza      The assumption — even after Trump was elected — seems to be that he either a) didn’t really believe many of the things he said on the campaign trail or b) wouldn’t spend the political capital necessary to attempt their implementation.

The first week of the Trump presidency suggests that those assumptions were deeply misguided. Trump meant exactly what he said and appears totally committed to executing on the campaign promises he made in spite of the furor they might cause.

But it’s more than that, too. This Trump is the Trump who won 306 electoral votes and almost 63 million votes. (Yes, I am aware Clinton got almost 66 million.) People voted for this Trump. He did almost nothing — far less than your average politician — to obfuscate or fudge his views.

While he didn’t attach a ton of specifics to his proposals, it’s very hard for me to believe that the vast majority of people who voted for Trump expected anything other than what they got from him in this first week. In fact, they are likely overjoyed that Trump — unlike most pols — is doing what he said he would.  …..Read the Article