got an advance copy of the Trump economic playbook

…Likely they got an advance copy of the Trump economic playbook … And it ain’t good…

Why Are Wal-Mart And Boeing Laying Off Workers If The U.S. Economy Is In Good Shape?
01-12-2017  • by Michael Snyder   The stock market has been on quite a roll in recent weeks, but signs of trouble continue to plague the real economy

authentically represents the CHANGE America wants

…Bernie connected with America’s “body-politic” – – – you and me – – – he has positively affected how “WE” look, see, feel about our expectation from those “WE” elect to serve and to protect us…

…On 8 November “WE” allowed the drum beat of “fear” so stridently promulgated by corporate media screaming at us 24/7 to buy into CHANGE we know nothing about…???

Bernie authentically represents the CHANGE America wants…


Bernie Sanders Is Shifting the Democratic Establishment


 01/13/2017 04:08 am ET | Updated 2 hours ago ..When Bernie Sanders hung up his presidential bid at the Democratic National Convention last year, progressive thinkers were grappling with a critical question: Could the enthusiasm Sanders had generated be replicated outside a presidential campaign?

Sanders had already jolted Democratic leaders, proving there was a massive audience for policies that were once laughed off inside the Beltway. He’d upended the political fundraising model with his online small-dollar donation strategy. But he lost. And according to everyone in Washington, Democrats only really mobilize in presidential elections.

On Sunday, the independent senator from Vermont will again begin attempting to counter the conventional wisdom. Across the country, Democratic politicians are holding at least 40 rallies intended to strengthen public resistance to a new wave of Republican attacks on Obamacare and Medicare ― and hear from voters about their concerns.

“For the first time in the modern history of the Democratic party, we’re going to see aggressive outreach efforts,” Sanders told The Huffington Post. “This is a beginning, I hope, of a transformation in the Democratic Party. … Our work has to focus on energizing people where they live and showing them what we are fighting for.”

Sanders rallies in 2016 were part economics lecture, part religious revival. They built a deeply committed group of supporters, but for many, their loyalty was to Sanders himself, not the Democratic Party. After Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, there are huge numbers of Sanders supporters more comfortable with saying “I told you so” (and to be fair, they did) than helping the Democratic Party get back on its feet.

Sanders wants to bring them into the fold. But he can’t do 40 rallies across the country in a day. Mayors, governors, state senators and other Democratic leaders will be on stage at other rallies. To make the wave of events a reality, Sanders had to win over new allies in the Democratic establishment.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) didn’t miss the Sanders campaign and is fully aware of the economic issues that factored into Trump’s presidential win. He’s been using the term “populism” approvingly on Capitol Hill, and on Sunday, he’ll join Sanders at a rally in Warren, Michigan.

“The Democratic Party is only as strong as our grassroots,” Schumer told HuffPost. “If we’re going to stop Republicans from rolling back the progress we’ve made and if we’re going to advance policies that help the middle class and those struggling to get there, we need to harness the energy outside of Washington, D.C.”

A decade ago, Schumer and Sanders would have made unlikely allies. Schumer has several Wall Street-friendly votes on his record, and outrage over the bank bailouts was a critical fuel for Sanders’ 2016 campaign. But the rallies on Sunday demonstrate that both Sanders’ policy vision and his preferred political tactics are moving into the Democratic mainstream.

What, after all, do Democratic leaders have to lose? Since President Barack Obama took office, the party has lost over 900 state legislature seats, while ceding 12 governorships, the presidency and control of both chambers of Congress. Absent a man named Barack Obama at the top of the ticket, the party doesn’t win at the federal level. And even with Obama in charge, the states have been a disaster.

The party strategy of the last 30 years has been to ignore most rural areas, while trying to run up the score in presidential elections by targeting big cities with TV ads. Most voters live in big cities, and a lot of Democratic policies benefit urbanites. But they didn’t turn out in 2016. And populist policies have a lot to offer other communities the party has traditionally ignored. There’s a reason why populism is, you know, popular.

But winning those voters ― both urban and rural ― requires active engagement, not the passive satisfaction of agreeing with a commercial.

“We have to connect with voters,” Sanders said. “Not just through an inside-the-Beltway strategy, but through aggressive grassroots outreach where we don’t just talk on TV, we go out and we talk to people in their communities.”



The new narrative is cementing quickly across the mainstream media, which often operates with a sort of herd mentality. On this Friday the 13th, the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times each run similar front-page stories. The AP, Bloomberg, Politico, Huffington Post, Time and NPR also pursued this angle.


With a CORPORATE owned cabinet Trump proposes want guess what odd$ Vega$ is giving…???

With a CORPORATE owned cabinet Trump proposes want guess what odd$ Vega$ is giving…???

Will Trump Scuttle Obama’s Offshore Drilling Bans?

By Patrick Parenteau, The Conversation …….Republicans and oil industry trade groups are threatening to challenge the ban in court or through legislation. ………..READ MORE»

America’s exhibition of “cowboy” diplomacy might just bite us in the butt…

…America’s exhibition of “cowboy” diplomacy might just bite us in the butt…

Beijing Not Amused After Tillerson Says US Will Block Chinese Access To South China Sea Islands

01-12-2017  • by Tyler Durden  ……..While Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing as Trump’s Secretary of State was for the most part uneventful, several hours into his back and forth with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tillerson compared China’s actions to those of R

Tillerson Backs Sanctions Against ‘Dangerous’ Russia
01-12-2017  •, by Jason Ditz
Admits He Hasn’t Talked With Trump About Russia Policy

but…if U need more than ONE

clip_image002…I’ll give your 3 guesses…but…if U need more than ONE immediately put on a dunce cap…

…Because those that own them and pull their $tring$ gave them their marching orders…

Why exactly did Cory Booker and a dozen other Democrats vote against lowering drug prices…?

By Kerry Eleveld    It was a Democratic amendment sponsored by Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders. It was pro-working class and anti-Big Pharma. It even enticed "Yes" votes from 12 GOP senators. And yet 13 Democrats, including Sen. Cory Booker, helped kill a measure aimed at making prescription drugs more affordable. It failed 46-52. Ellie Shechet writes:

Last night, Senate Republicans took their first leap towards repealing Obamacare by approving a budget procedure that would allow them to avoid a Democratic filibuster. The 13 Democrats who subsequently voted against making drugs cheaper for people deeply undercut the ability of that party to speak with credibility on behalf of the working class.

The measure, which would have allowed drugs to be imported from Canada, was expected to fail. But Democrats helped drive the nail into the coffin.

bet they make his butt pucker

…Don’t know…but… I’ll bet they make his butt pucker…

Will the CIA Retaliate Against Trump…?

01-12-2017  • ……….In a truly remarkable bit of honesty and candor regarding the U.S. national-security establishment, new Senate minority leader Charles Schumer has accused President-elect Trump of "being really dumb."