OK… Can anyone tell me why any business would utilize this form of “training”…???

…OK… Can anyone tell me why any business would utilize this form of “training”…???

Former Microsoft Employees Who Say They Were Forced to Watch Videos of Child Abuse, Sexual Assault and Murder, Sue the Company Claiming PTSD

The workers say they had to watch "inhumane and disgusting content."

By Michael Arria / AlterNet ….Two former Microsoft employees say they developed post-traumatic stress disorder after being forced to watch videos of child abuse, murder and sexual assault, according to a lawsuit filed by Henry Soto and Greg Blauert on December 30. ‘



The two formerly worked for the company’s "online safety team" where they were tasked with reporting offensive digital content. The lawsuit charges Microsoft with “negligent infliction of emotional distress” claiming that when Soto and Blauert complained about the horrific videos they had to watch, they were simply told to take more smoke breaks.

"It’s horrendous. It’s bad enough just to see a child get sexually molested. Then there are murders. Unspeakable things are done to these children," said Ben Wells, one of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Soto was “involuntarily transferred” to the safety team in 2008, the same year legislation passed requiring tech companies to report criminal images. Soto says he was never warned about the potential mental impact such work could have on his psyche. At the time of Soto’s transfer, he claims he had "god-like" status as a monitor and that he could “could literally view any customer’s communications at any time.”

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