Same coin … two sides

clip_image002…Same coin … two sides … “WE” put in place the rules, regulations, statutes, laws propagating this fiasco…  To encourage mining we choose to look the other way as our environment was raped and polluted … In the process we tied the hands of other agencies reputedly designed to protect our environment … Way past time to straighten out the mess “WE” created…


The U.S. EPA denied $1.2 billion in claims for economic losses stemming from a 2015 toxic wastewater spill accidentally triggered by the agency at a defunct Colorado mine, that fouled waterways in three states. The EPA said in a statement that it was "not legally able to pay" damage claims over the discharge from the Gold King Mine, located near the town of Silverton in southwestern Colorado


Navajo Nation, New Mexico leaders outraged after EPA says it won’t pay Gold King Mine claims

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