WATER testing is provided by the purveyor on a “self-regulating” basis

clip_image001…I wonder if Arizona citizens are aware that most WATER testing is provided by the purveyor on a “self-regulating” basis … In other words Az Dept of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) nor Az Dept Water Resources (ADWR) have their OWN personnel providing any OVERSIGHT for us…

… “Self-regulating” is governenese for your word of honor

… I wonder if Az Gov Doug Ducey or his minions controlling our State Legislature have made Arizona citizens aware that ADEQ operates essentially on a fee-basis … in other words our State Legislature does not adequately fund ADEQ to provide the OVERSIGHT of Arizona’s environment … WE leave that to CORORATE busine$$$$.

… And you know they only have our best interests in mind, right…???

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality plans to test more than 1,000 schools for lead in drinking water – an effort state officials say has never been done before on this scope in Arizona. The statewide lead screening program, which ADEQ officials stressed is precautionary, kicked off last week. Officials said the screening is necessary to gauge how many schools potentially have water sources above the U.S. EPA’s "action level" of 15 parts per billion .

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