defines as it sees fit what is TRUE

clip_image002IF…TRUEI find I need begin my writings with the caveat … IF TRUE … as I do not know from the research I perform if the allegations, assessments, accretions, claims meet qualifying as the TRUTH

…America has no consensus standard or definition of TRUTH … as that challenge is left to each of us … so it’s your call…???

….Trump And His Press Secretary Flagrantly Lied On Their First Full Day In Office…That Matters…

…Matters to whom … Our “press” – – perhaps which “we” just might be about ready to contemplate is – – CORPORATE owned … defines as it sees fit what is TRUE… And the 8 November election results tell a very compelling story “WE” don’t’ give a damn…


On Saturday, President Donald Trump’s first full day in office, he gave a speech at CIA headquarters in which he lied about the size of the crowd at his inauguration and falsely claimed that he had never feuded with the U.S. intelligence community. Hours later, his press secretary emerged from the West Wing, lied about the size of the inaugural crowd and took no questions.

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