show us the proof/evidence or is this just “alternative fact”…???

…There appear in this article to be the assumption that Trump wants to “overcome” deep collu$ion between Republicans and Mon$anto/big-pharma … show us the proof/evidence or is this just “alternative fact”…???

Can President Trump overcome Republicans’ deep collusion with Big Pharma, Monsanto…

01-27-2017  • ….and the pesticide industry?…(Natural News) During his first press conference after winning the election, President Donald Trump made some very bold statements that, generally speaking, are uncharacteristic of the Republican Party. Rather than kowt

Monsanto, EPA Seek to Keep Talks Secret on Glyphosate Cancer Review
01-27-2017  •, By Carey Gillam
Monsanto Co. and officials within the Environmental Protection Agency are fighting legal efforts aimed at exploring Monsanto’s influence over regulatory assessments of the key chemical in the company’s Roundup herbicide, new federal court fil

Republican traitor Paul Ryan now trying to protect Big Pharma…
01-27-2017  •, by JD Heyes
Though on the surface it may seem like President Donald Trump has it good, politically: He’s a GOP president at a time when he’s also got a Republican majority in Congress.

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