would follow established “rules” especially about ethics

… U mean to tell me U actually thought Trump and/or his cabinet would follow established “rules” especially about ethics … The know “we” voted for CHANGE and they are damn well going to give it to us…

Trump’s appointees don’t seem to be signing required ethics pledges and don’t plan to


By Walter Einenkel    …….With every single hearing on every single cabinet appointee put forward by Trump’s administration under a cloud of ethical dubiosity, news is leaking out that nobody in Trump’s administration need worry about “conflicts of interest.” When President Barack Obama came into office he put down some executive orders. An important one required incoming officials to sign a pledge to avoid ethical dilemmas in policy decisions. Fearing that Trump and his appointees’ hands would burst into flames having to sign such a pledge, the International Business Times is reporting that no one seems to be enforcing this pledge.

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