In “trump world” America’s “press” is answerable solely to “The Donald”

clip_image002…In “trump world” America’s “press” is answerable solely to “The Donald” & he will accept NO corporate media negative reporting of his action of any nature…???

Kellyanne Conway goes on bonkers rant, calls for Trump’s media critics to be fired


By Laura Clawson   …..Kellyanne Conway continues to be a factory for a mind-boggling combination of ridiculous nonsense and terrifying nonsense. On Fox News Sunday, Donald Trump’s top non-Ivanka woman assailed the media for pointing out that last week she described blatant lies as “alternative facts”—gosh, why would that draw notice, especially when it’s such a perfect statement of how your boss plans to govern?—then launched into a rant about how media figures who criticized Trump should be fired:

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