you & I cannot under any circumstance disagree or rebuke anything he states

…”The Donald” is making it loud and clear you & I cannot under any circumstance disagree or rebuke anything he states as “alternative fact”… noncompliance is not an option and you will be dealt with most harshly…

Fearless Republican leader removed for rebuking

Trump at Women’s March


By Leslie Salzillo    State Rep. Beth Fukumoto (R-Hawaii) expressed her dismay and disdain against Donald Trump and in return, her GOP colleagues voted out her of her Republican minority leader position, which she has held since 2012.

Bill Chappell with NPR reports Fukumoto said her fellow Republicans ousted her because she participated in the Women’s March and protested the Trump presidency.” The 33-year-old lawmaker stated:

"They told me they would keep me in this position if I would commit to not disagreeing with our president for the remainder of his term. Mr. Speaker, I’m being removed because I refused to make that commitment, because I believe it’s our job as Americans and as leaders in this body to criticize power when power is wrong."

On January 21, 2017, Fukumoto spoke at Hawaii’s Women’s March which coincided with millions of women and men protesting against Donald Trump around the world. She spoke about how she was booed and insulted by her party during the Republican National Convention because she refused to endorse Trump. Now that he is president, it’s a different situation, but Fukumoto doesn’t seem to care. She continues to speak her truth.

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