…if everyone in D.C. who was guilty of LYING was actually charged the jails and prisons would be overflowing with lying politicians and bureaucrats…

…if everyone in D.C. who was guilty of LYING was actually charged the jails and prisons would be overflowing with lying politicians and bureaucrats…

Flynn may have misled FBI by denying that he talked sanctions with Russian ambassador — but likely won’t be charged

2/16/2017 8:41:53 PM  Allahpundit   ….Hard to believe he’d lie. Remember, Flynn is a man with enough experience in government intelligence to have once led the DIA. He knows how things work. He knows that foreign diplomats’ calls are monitored by the feds, and he knows that  More…

Interesting data but the sources given raise for me serious questions about independent “vetting”…???

…Interesting data but the sources given raise for me serious questions about independent “vetting”…???

Top 6 news subjects that CNN, Washington Post and New York Times have never published and will not ever

 S.D. Wells

Per Natural News Editor….  regarding the most important news stories when they don’t fit the script of the lying mass media. This is not just a black out at the top levels either, because we are talking about every scripted newspaper too – that get their orders from the “top” of the extreme left food chain. Nearly every American who voted for Hillary Clinton is trapped inside a boondoggle of scripted lies about terrorism, toxic food, toxic medicine, economics and the upcoming financial collapse.

The kings of fake news are so good at it that they’ve enslaved the minds of nearly 50 million “sheeple,” who still believe what the mainstream media outlets publish and preach to this day. Even after truth media, alternative media, social media, WikiLeaks, and the Veritas videos exposed all the corruption of the Obama regime, the Clinton campaign, Hitlery herself, the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, the snowflakes and brainwashed script lovers are still suffering from Trump denial syndrome.

So when you hear or read the truth about toxic food, toxic medicine or terrorists coming to the United States and committing acts of violence, you’ll know at that point that somehow the real news got through to you, and then there’s no looking back. So turn off the toxic television, burn your stack of lying newspapers and get the fake news “vaccine” so you won’t fall for the scripted that are all dished out by CNN, WashPo and NYT. It’s a circle jerk of lies that source lies while claiming the real news is fake, and the circus never ends.

Here come the top 6 news subjects that CNN, Washington Post and New York Times have never, and will never publish.

#1. Anything bad about terrorists immigrating into the USA and committing acts of violence here

Since the horrific day we will all remember forever (September 11th, 2001), Americans have all but sacrificed their Constitutional rights in order to “fight terrorism” and stop terrorists from entering our country (again) to hurt us and our way of life. Yet every time illegal immigrants or terrorists are involved in domestic violence the mainstream (lamestream) media blames anything and everything else, including racism, police violence, President Donald Trump – you name it.

Case in point: Trump recently banned immigration to the US from the seven Muslim countries where dozens of known terrorists have already been caught committing horrible acts, yet the mass media acted like this was an act of racism and racial profiling rather than an intelligent strategy to protect Americans from repeat offenders. Extreme vetting of known and likely terrorists is exactly what we need, but fake-stream media tells the big government sheeple otherwise.

Mass media literally celebrated when one rogue judge who supports Black Lives Matter lifted the executive order, thus aiding and abetting the 72 known terrorists and many others from the 7 Muslim countries that are sending refugees to America like some mass exodus. So go ahead, Google “72 terrorists” and you certainly won’t see links to CNN, the Washington Post or the New York Times, because to the mass media, all immigration is wonderful, including illegal immigration of known terrorists.

#2. Anything bad about vaccines or flu shots, like how they spread disease, still contain mercury and can cause autism

What’s the easiest way to catch an infectious disease or the flu? Get several vaccines that contain weakened strains of infectious bacteria, viruses, pathogens, along with mercury, formaldehyde, MSG and aluminum. The list of side effects for any inoculation is a mile long, but who reads the vaccine insert? Certainly doctors and nurses don’t tell their patients to read the dangers printed right on the package insert as warnings and side effects. As long as you live, you will never read anything bad about vaccines in the mainstream media, mainly because their sponsors are the same companies and corporations that manufacture, market, sell and distribute the toxic jabs that make a fortune off the fools who think injecting known neurotoxins creates immunity.

#3. Anything about how GMOs cause cancer and are horrible for the environment

The main goal of genetically modified food is to insert toxic genes into seeds of crops in order to kill bugs and weeds. These same toxins cause cancer, organ failure and Alzheimer’s disease in humans, but the biotechnology corporations don’t care. In fact, those same companies are heavily vested in Pharma, so it’s a double dipping of revenue for them. These biotech giants, like Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Cargill and Syngenta also control the mainstream news so that Americans never think twice about eating toxic food.

#4. Anything good about President Trump

President Trump is the first person to enter the White House in decades who is calling out massive lies the government and mainstream media have engaged in for a century. You simply will not hear praise about Trump because then the sheeple might start thinking twice about all the toxic food and toxic medicine besieged upon them.

#5. Anything bad about prescription medications or chemotherapy

If the commercials and print ads are for prescription medications, you can bet your last penny that the news is fake, twisted, scripted and in favor of toxic food and toxic medicine.

#6. Anything that debunks the biggest hoax of the 21st century – Man-made global warming (climate change)

The earth is at the beginning of a long-term cooling phase. Mankind and our actions cannot change the temperature. Global warming is a huge Ponzi scheme promoted by the mass media and the globalists. Check the facts.










answer me one question …. truthfully … would “leaks’ be necessary IF

…Look Einstein I know I am not … but … answer me one question …. truthfully … would “leaks’ be necessary IF Americas knew the information given to us by our President was fully disclosed…truth…..???

Glenn Greenwald on Flynn-Russia Leaks: Highly Illegal and Wholly Justified


Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!: While congressional Democrats and some Republicans are pushing for probes into President Trump’s ties to Russia, Trump has focused largely on going after those who have leaked information to the press. Glenn Greenwald discusses why the leaks are commendable, even though they are technically against the law. ..Watch the Video and Read the Transcript 

…Why would any country TRUST anything America says or does…

…Why would any country TRUST anything America says or does…

REAKING: WikiLeaks Docs Expose Role of CIA Espionage in FRENCH Elections

02-17-2017  •  http://thefreethoughtproject.com  ……In a devastating blow to the US propaganda machine, who’s been hellbent on pointing the finger at other countries for interfering in elections, (ahem Russia), WikiLeaks released CIA documents detailing espionage orders to infiltrate all

Gotta tell you man, your ego is right up there with “The Donald’s” … What you really think you are that important…???

…Gotta tell you man, your ego is right up there with “The Donald’s” … What you really think you are that important…???

"Shadow government" targets NN for destruction… breaking news

In a whirlwind of developments over the last 24 hours, I have been threatened by the "shadow government" to destroy Alex Jones or they will destroy me.

After some additional digging, I found out that Obama is running a "shadow government" that’s targeting Natural News and the independent media for a barrage of defamation smears and "fake news" attacks.

Brace yourself for a massive onslaught funded by Media Matters and organized by "sleeper cell" Obama. They want to silence us for lots of reasons, including our vaccine truth reporting, opposition to GMOs and support for many of Trump’s policies.

It’s an all-out media WAR. Click hear to read about how I’m being threatened.

Or read this article for more details about the "shadow government" that’s now targeting us all.

manner of their deaths and the dead silence

clip_image002…it is not that more than 60 holistic doctors died in little over a year …but… rather the manner of their deaths and the dead silence from the AMA …”big—pharma” … noted medical schools … government..

…It seems to me this is just a bit more than coincidence and justifies a thorough objective assessment, review, “vetting”…

…But in this day and age … just whom can “we” turn to for just … truth…???


Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year


By Erin Elizabeth  Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year

Editor’s note: VIDEO ABOVE IS FROM MONTHS AGO, but I’ll do an updated one with the nearly 50 doctors dead. A few aren’t on the list yet and we’ll get them all labeled for you.  .. Watch video here …  https://youtu.be/GOitEgpos4o

Would we need a “voucher”

clip_image002…Would we need a “voucherIF we authentically provided an equal education to ALL students regardless of economic … religious … social … circumstances…???