Democrats fear being branded “socialists”

…While disappointing to some it is understandable as Democrats fear “change” … notably that form of “change” epitomized by Bernie Sanders and his followers…

…Democrats fear being branded “socialists” which would have won them the 2016 Presidential election…

‘Incredibly Disappointing’: Democrats Choose Tom Perez to Head Party

DNC ‘chose to continue the failed Clinton strategy of prioritizing wealthy donors over the activist base’


Andrea Germanos, staff writer  ….Democrats on Saturday chose Tom Perez to lead the party, sparking criticism from progressive organizations who say picking the former labor secretary over the other front-runner, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), was a missed opportunity for the party.

Perez’s win was secured in a second round of voting by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) gathered in Atlanta, getting 235 votes to Ellison’s 200

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