…Was Pence speaking … fact … fake … “alternative fact”…. how are “we” to know…???

Was Pence speaking … fact … fake … “alternative fact”…. how are “we” to know…???

Pence: No one will “fall through the cracks” in ObamaCare repeal


POSTED AT 10:01 AM ON MARCH 1, 2017 BY ED MORRISSEY    Last night, Vice President Mike Pence fulfilled his office’s traditional role when the president speaks to Congress: remain in the background and lead the applause. This morning, Pence has taken the lead among the administration’s surrogates, hitting the morning news shows to boost Donald Trump’s well-received presidential address. The most contentious issue raised last night was ObamaCare, and Pence tells ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on the set of Good Morning America that Trump takes the transition very seriously. The top principle, Pence says, will be to ensure that no one “falls through the cracks”:

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