… $54 billon more to enable America to KILL more…faster… with increased stealth…

$54 billon more to enable America to KILL more…faster… with increased stealth…

Congress Told To Brace For Enemy ‘Robotic Solders’
03-03-2017  •  https://www.technocracy.news, By: Morgan Chalfant
The ‘arms race’ for robotic and AI weaponry has been raging behind the scenes, and only a fool would think that our enemies would not use these technologies against us. Pandora’s box has been opened, and cannot be shut ever again. ? TN Ed

News Link  •  Korea/North Korea
White House: Military Force An Option Against North Korea
03-04-2017  •  AntiWar.com by Jason Ditz
Deputy Adviser Seeks Multiple Plans for Response to North Korea

Does Trump Want War or Peace in Syria?
Stephen Lendman

Gaza report: ‘Not about justice for Israel’s victims’
03-03-2017  •  http://www.jonathan-cook.net, Al Jazeera
The report comes as Israeli officials have been warning of the likelihood of another round of hostilities

The U.S. has tried to sabotage North Korea’s missile program with covert cyber attacks. President Trump must decide what to do next.




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