…R “WE” in denail…???

…R “WE” in denail…???

The Illusion of Freedom: The Police State Is Alive & Well
03-06-2017  •  http://www.newsbud.com
, John W Whitehead
We’re in a national state of denial!

…Like one of Pavlov’s dogs in his experiments “we” have been conditioned to rigidly renounce any suggestion that America is a “police-state”…

…Explain then how and why America incarcerated more people on planet Earth than any other nation (including Russia, China)…the exponential increase in surveillance in all forms, human, camera, stealth recording of TV, radio, camera, internet usage …that one can without any need for adherence to accepted legal standard be rendition to a secret site allowing for any and all forms of interrogation techniques…

…Stop acting like an ostrich … get your head out of the sand … take a close objective look around … times and circumstances have changed

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