…So is the Washington Post now also a “fake” … “altenrative fact” … news outlet…???

clip_image002…So is the Washington Post now also a “fake” … “altenrative fact” … news outlet…???

Huffington Post caught removing positive reviews of "Vaxxed" documentary


03-07-2017 http://www.naturalnews.com    (Natural News) It seems that the Huffington Post has continued to block or censor articles that don’t align perfectly with the media outlet’s views — especially when it comes to the documentary, Vaxxed. Almost exactly one year ago — in April of 2016, the same publication was caught censoring positive reviews of the film about vaccines. Now, the Leftist mainstream media site is at it again.

British writer Sally Beck reports that she had written two articles pertaining to the film recently. Her first article, titled, "Vaxxed: should we watch this film?" was published on Huff Po’s U.K. site on February 21st. She went on to co-write a second article, "The MMR vaccine: why it’s sensible to worry about the way it has been regulated," and it was published shortly after the first.

The article on the documentary itself was primarily an overview of the film’s content, while the second article served to express support for parents who are concerned about the MMR vaccine. Both articles respectfully acknowledged the CDC whistleblower, William Thompson, and other figures in the "anti-vax" community, such as Andrew Wakefield and Brian Hooker.

These articles have, of course, since been removed from the Huffington Post websites. And it is far from the first time that Huff Po has censored content. Last year, Lance Simmens — who had reportedly written nearly 200 articles for Huffing Post over 8 years — had his review of the Vaxxed documentary removed almost immediately after its publication. What’s more, Simmens also reported that his login credentials were blocked.

Simmens describes himself as having a strong liberal streak, but that the movie had inspired him to call for a more open, national dialogue regarding the allegations put forth by the documentary. This alone was enough to cause him to be censored by a far-left news site — which in and of itself speaks volumes about the Left-wing ideologies taking hold in this country. They aren’t even willing to entertain the idea of discussion — and suggesting so, even with an abundance of evidence is enough to get you fired.

Simmens expressed his frustration at the fact that his article was removed without any sort of explanation. "It never crossed my mind that this might be some sort of censorship because it has never happened to me and the article, while provocative, is not beyond any bounds of journalistic or political propriety," Simmens explained.

Unsurprisingly, this was not the only act of censorship perpetrated by Huff Po in 2016. Another writer for the publication, David Seaman, claims that he too was banned by the site — only this time, it was for daring to highlight the concerns surrounding the health of Hilary Clinton. Seaman says that he had published hundreds of articles for the site, and never had any problems until he wrote two stories that  questioned the health of the Democratic presidential candidate. …Read Full Story


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