And of course “WE screwed them…

…Cold War … Uranium … Nuclear Bombs … Indegenous Tribal LandWHITE promise to deal with Indians ethically….. And of course “WE screwed them…

During the Cold War, 30 million tons of uranium ore were mined on or adjacent to the Navajo Nation, leaving more than 500 abandoned mines. EPA has entered into settlement agreements valued at $1.7 billion to reduce the highest risks to the Navajo people. Since 2008, EPA has conducted preliminary investigations at all of the mines, remediated 48 contaminated structures, provided safe drinking water to 3,013 families in partnership with the Indian Health Service, and performed cleanup or stabilization work at nine mines. In total, funds are available to begin the cleanup process at over 200 abandoned uranium mines, approximately 40% of the abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation. This work is a large coordinated effort between federal agencies and the Navajo Nation to address the legacy of uranium contamination.


In addition to the funds addressing uranium contamination on Navajo Nation, since 1984 the EPA has provided approximately $100 million in grants to Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency to develop and implement environmental pro­grams.


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