What is the status of TRUMPCARE today…???

…What is the status of TRUMPCARE today…???

This health care bill may haunt the GOP

  Imagine a Congress and a president of the same party working on health insurance reform. They write up a piece of legislation, and it’s not popular. Within two weeks of its introduction in Congress, the bill garners just 41 percent support from the American public, and the opposition party is completely against it. People protest. People yell at lawmakers. The lawmakers pass the bill anyway, and the party and president are summarily punished in the next election: They lose a ton of seats in Congress. That was President Obama, Democrats and the Affordable Care Act in 2009 and 2010. Minus the passing-the-bill part, that was President Bill Clinton, Democrats and “Hillarycare” in 1993 and 1994 too.

Now imagine a bill that’s even more unpopular, and you have House Republicans’ health care legislation in 2017, the American Health Care Act. The bill is aimed at repealing and replacing parts of the ACA. It’s polling worse than the ACA and the Clinton effort, and history suggests that it could have disastrous consequences for the GOP.

First, the basics: The AHCA is much more disliked than the ACA and Clinton’s health care reform bill were when they were first introduced. Across nine surveys, the AHCA has garnered an average of just 32 percent in favor compared with 45 percent opposed. …Read the Article

Study: Senate can repeal Obamacare’s regulations through reconciliation, with only 51 votes

Kochs pledge millions to GOPers in 2018 — if they vote no on health care bill

AHCA was on a knife edge. Now it may have fallen off
3/23/2017 9:21:50 AM  Jazz Shaw  ……The push to get the AHCA passed out of the House by tonight is starting to look more and more like raising the flag at a NASCAR race before the pace car has shown up. I’m not sure how much sleep the House GOP members are getting these days, but it

Surprise: House ready to change health-care bill after learning Senate reconciliation rules might let them repeal more of ObamaCare
3/22/2017 8:21:59 PM  Allahpundit   ….A good time to familiarize yourself with critical procedural rules in the other chamber while you’re trying to pass the most momentous bill of Trump’s presidency is obviously the night before you bring it to the floor, I think we can all
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The Loss of the Affordable Care Act May Be Catastrophic for Mental Health

As Republicans move to gut Obamacare, patients seeking mental-health care — coverage that’s already spartan — find themselves with even …Continue reading on Pacific Standard »

GOP health-care plan hangs in balance as conservatives demand changes

Both President Trump and House leaders signaled an 11th-hour willingness to rework the measure to mollify the House Freedom Caucus.

By Mike DeBonis, Juliet Eilperin and David Weigel  •  PowerPost  •  Read more »

How is a ban on preexisting conditions preserved in the GOP replacement bill?

It is not mentioned, but one of the most popular features of Obamacare is intended to be preserved by other elements in the bill.

Is the Big Republican Attack on Our Health Care Doomed to Fail?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The clock is ticking for the Republican Party. READ MORE»

The Trump GOP Prescription for America: Don’t Get Sick

By Michael Winship, Bill Moyers, BillMoyers.com

This Republican health care bill would actually kill people who need help most. READ MORE»

HEALTH CARE HOUSE VOTE TO BE CLOSE TODAY Members of the House’s Freedom Caucus vowed to vote down the bill if it didn’t change, despite last minute wrangling from the White House in an attempt to gain votes. And here’s where moderate Republicans stand. [HuffPost]

Rep. Martha McSally …ARIZONA…will vote to take health care away from thousands of her constituents

GOP Leaders Still Don’t Have the House Votes for Obamacare Repeal

Read the Article at The New York Times

Trump’s Health Insurance Plan: Making America Wait Again

Allan Lichtenstein, Jewish Currents: The American Health Care Act (ACHA), which describes itself as laying "the groundwork for a 21st century health care system," is clearly not intended to provide more Americans with health insurance coverage. Instead, ACHA, if enacted, will reverse the trend of widening health insurance coverage set in place by Obamacare.

Read the Article 

Conservatives are vowing to vote down the GOP’s health care plan unless there are major changes to the bill. Without those votes, the House likely can’t pass the bill.



GOP health-care plan, facing conservative revolt, lacks the votes for House passage

Both President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have put their weight behind the American Health Care Act, but it seemed Wednesday to lack enough votes to pass.

GOP health-care plan analyses: Higher deductibles, more uninsured and millionaire tax breaks

Three updates on the math behind the AHCA.

More than 25 members of the House Freedom Caucus are opposed to the Republican Obamacare replacement, a spokeswoman for the group said Wednesday. With all Democrats expected to vote against the plan, it would take 22 Republican "no" votes to block it.

The announcement came despite direct appeals from Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and House Republican leaders.

GOP’s Planned Cuts to Medicaid Will Impoverish and Imperil Millions of Aging Baby Boomers and Seniors

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

One-fifth of Medicare recipients are covered through Medicaid, including nursing homes and long-term

Trumpcare is in trouble in the House, and a defeat on this could cripple Trump and Ryan

Trump to GOP critics of health care bill: ‘I’m gonna come after you’

The president met with House Republicans behind closed doors to sell the revised health-care bill as it races toward an expected vote on the floor by the end of the week.

Trump’s biggest Obamacare bloopers

Trump has been on a greatest-hits tour of his favorite, and questionable, claims about the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare.

DESPITE TRUMP VISIT, GOP DOESN’T APPEAR TO HAVE VOTES TO PASS HEALTH CARE BILL While President Donald Trump said Republicans would pay at the midterm elections if they did not vote for this bill, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said, "They do not have the votes right now." The bill is still set for a vote Thursday, and GOP leaders are working behind the scenes to see what compromises can be made to stop it from a defeat on the House floor. [HuffPost]

‘Trumpcare’ bill was DOA in Congress, so a desperate attempt at ‘Trumpcare 2.0’

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