…It is the price one pays whenever one dares poke a slumbering giant in the eye … In this case the ultra-rich-exclusive-owners of the 32 NFL

clip_image002…It is the price one pays whenever one dares poke a slumbering giant in the eye … In this case the ultra-rich-exclusive-owners of the 32 NFL football teams self-anointed America’s #1 spectator sport and creators of wealthy football players…  

…Colin Kaepernick dared to take a stand and not in any flippant manner to simply take a knee as opposed to placing his hand over his heart to call attention to the racist implications in the Star Spangled Banner America deems its national anthem…

…NFL owner$ are beholding to the whims of Congre$$ to whom they generously $$$upport for their monopoly protection and other perks… They do not choose to bite the hand that feed$$$$$ them…

Kyle Wagner …Yes, it’s strange that Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a deal yet


Three weeks into the NFL’s free-agency period, Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job. Ordinarily, an NFL veteran who is having difficulty finding a team isn’t exactly newsworthy. But NFL talent is scarce at quarterback, and Kaepernick’s situation is far from ordinary.

After Kaepernick’s protest of the national anthem last season as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, the question has become whether it’s the reason that teams are avoiding him. Some arguments regarding Kaepernick’s worth to a team are easily put aside (the obsession over “distractions” in sports is always tired but loses all meaning when we have proof that the supposed distraction had the opposite effect), though that wouldn’t necessarily stop a team from considering them. But others are more credible, or at least invite more investigation. Could it be that Kaepernick just isn’t good enough, or that he plays a style that makes him difficult to accommodate?

The evidence suggests that those factors alone don’t explain Kaepernick’s unemployment. Kaepernick’s current employment status looks less like a natural result of the supposed NFL meritocracy and more like something unusual is going on (even by the standards of an unusually complex situation). His play is good enough to have attracted interest from teams by now. That it hasn’t suggests that he’s being punished on at least some level for his political outspokenness. …..Read the Article

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