When do American actions become CRIMES AGAINST HMANITY…???

…When do American actions become CRIMES AGAINST HMANITY…???

Congress Members Call Out Trump for Violating War Powers as He Considers Pushing Yemen Into Famine


Robert Naiman, Truthout: The White House will soon consider a proposal to directly engage the US military in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, including a planned United Arab Emirates attack on the port of Hodeida. A bipartisan group of Congress members is demanding Trump seek congressional approval before escalating US involvement. …..Read the Article 


The Bloodstained Rise of Global Authoritarian Populism: A Political Movement’s Violent Pursuit of "Enemies"

Alfred McCoy, TomDispatch: In 2016, something extraordinary happened in the politics of diverse countries around the world. With surprising speed and simultaneity, a new generation of right-wing populist leaders emerged from the margins of nominally democratic nations to win power. As we work to resist the actions of these leaders, including Trump, we must not forget about their foreign policy agendas.

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