will prove interesting to see if “WE”have made the effort to comprehend

imageThank You Mitch as you successful passed the baton to “WE” – the people – and control of our Congress in 2018 is solely n our hands where it rightly belongs … It will prove interesting to see if “WE”have made the effort to comprehend what our future is if “WE” continue on our “greed-is-good” … “send-in-the-drones-nuke’em-kill’em-take no prisoners”… capitalist path…???


Mitch McConnell Goes ‘Nuclear’ To Break Supreme Court Filibuster


WASHINGTON ― Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his fellow Republicans pulled the nuclear rules trigger Thursday, moving to end filibusters for Supreme Court justices after Democrats blocked President Donald Trump’s conservative nominee, Colorado federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch.




Democrats’ appetite for a shutdown continues to grow

At the end of this month, Congress is going to need to either figure out a way to approve a spending bill or send us into a government shutdown. Since it’s the Democrats in the minority this time around and, as we all know, it’s only the  ……More…

Senate plunges toward historic rules change in Supreme Court standoff

There was no sign of compromise as Mitch McConnell vowed that Neil Gorsuch would be confirmed to the high court by Friday.

By Ed O’Keefe and Sean Sullivan  •  PowerPost  •  Read more »


Activists celebrate Democrats’ push to filibuster Gorsuch

Just weeks ago, it was far from certain that Democrats would muster 41 votes to filibuster Gorsuch. That they have secured 44 votes to do so — retaining all but four members of their caucus — is the latest victory for activists who’ve rallied to drive the party toward total opposition of the Trump administration.

By David Weigel  •  PowerPost  •  Read more »


Republicans Stealing Supreme Court Seat by Revoking Filibuster Does Not Quite Blow Up the Senate… Yet

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

But hyper-partisanship may transform the Senate forever. READ MORE»



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