“shell-game” we allowed congress to perpetrate

…In time & as the composition of Congress changes like our government’s knowledge in the events surrounding Sept 11th the “shell-game” we allowed congress to perpetrate on

us respecting the “vetting” of Trump cabinet and staff will be revealed … but … by then they will have done their damage … collected their spoils-of-war and are in safe hiding…

Jared Kushner Hid Dozens of Meetings With Russians From His Application for Top-Secret Security Clearance

By Taylor Link, Salon

Kushner failed to report dozens of contacts with foreign leaders. His lawyer argues Kushner simply forgot. READ MORE»

Jared Kushner: Oops! Did I forget to mention that?

Posted: 07 Apr 2017 02:22 PM PDT

Donald Trump’s utility infielder, his son-in-law and de facto Secretary of State Jared Kushner, seems to have a memory problem. Or maybe like his father-in-law, he has a lying problem. Or is it just arrogant indifference to complying with the … Continue reading

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