Cut him a bit of slack… OK…???

…I freely admit I am not a Gorsuch fan  … but … hey give the guy a bit or a break… yea, he’s the new kid on the block and he is upsetting the apple cart … Cut him a bit of slack… OK…???

Gorsuch already trying to blow up the Supreme Court


By Joan McCarter  Monday was the first day of arguments at the Supreme Court for Neil Gorsuch, the guy Mitch McConnell blew up the Senate for by first enacting a total blockade on the rightful nominee—Merrick Garland—and then upending Senate rules when it became clear Gorsuch was too extreme for Democrats to support. If you watched any of the hearings then you won’t be surprised to learn that Gorsuch is as smug, arrogant, and entitled as an associate justice as he was as a nominee. His first case, fittingly, is about worker rights and how much you can screw them and he is just so into it.

Hearing arguments in his first case Monday—a procedural dispute involving the rights of federal employees who lose their jobs—Gorsuch waited only 10 minutes before unleashing a barrage of questions and suggesting both sides in the case were misreading a key federal law. […]

By the end of the hour, Gorsuch was as active a questioner as any of his colleagues—and prompted one of them to suggest he was proposing revolutionary changes, albeit in an obscure area of federal law. […]

Gorsuch’s questions suggested he disagreed with previous Supreme Court decisions that had let federal district courts consider lawsuits that claim violations of federal discrimination laws as well as civil service laws.

His questions drew pushback from Justice Elena Kagan, who said that position would mark a "revolution," though in a technical area of law.

Never mind that he’s got a big old asterisk by his name on the court roster by being the first guy nominated by a president whose campaign is under investigation by the FBI for potential collusion with a foreign power for a seat that was stolen in a partisan power grab. That might have humbled a better judge, or one who wasn’t essentially a political operative.

Not Gorsuch. He’s already trying to take over the place.

…Just because Natural News says this is TRUE does not automatically make it so … check it out for yourself…

…Just because Natural News says this is TRUE does not automatically make it so … check it out for yourself…

‘Fake meat’ from Impossible Foods, backed by Bill Gates and Google, is loaded with ..


04-18-2017 •  ….(Natural News) When it comes to innovation in Silicon Valley, nothing is sacred – including meat! That’s right, a team of chemical scientists has developed a new type of fake meat under the branding of "Impossible Foods" that, with the backing of Bill Gates, Google and many of the other usual suspects, is now being pushed as a viable meat alternative that looks, tastes and smells like real meat.  But underneath its juicy surface are toxic ingredients like genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), monosodium glutamate (MSG), fake vitamins and all sorts of other toxins.

The concept, which perhaps not surprisingly falls under the banner of "sustainability," centers around removing from the food chain actual meat products and replacing them with meat-like products that are often branded as being sourced from "plants." Impossible Foods is no exception, with its marketing tagline claiming that the product is made "entirely from plants" – an absolute misnomer if you actually take a gander at the ingredients list.

Included are delectable delights such as textured wheat protein, a defatted flour byproduct often used as a meat "extender," a.k.a. a cheap filler. Textured vegetable proteins of all varieties are rich in glutamates, which make them members of the MSG family by definition. And MSG, as you may be aware, is considered to be an "excitotoxin" that rapidly destroys brains cells on impact, and is hardly the healthful, nutritious substance that Impossible Foods purports it to be.

Other MSG derivatives found in Impossible Foods fake meat are yeast extract and soy protein isolate, both of which are also more than likely transgenic in nature. This means that laboratory scientists inserted artificial DNA into the structure of the original plants used to make these ingredients, which also just so happen to be highly-processed and barely nutritious.

But that’s not all! Impossible Foods "burgers" also contain an unusual ingredient known as "leghemoglobin" that writer, April Glaser, describes as "plant blood." It’s similar, some might say, to the blood found in real meat, but it comes from plants — or at least it can be synthesized from plants to resemble blood.

"[Leghemoglobin is] a blood-like compound called heme, and although it’s more concentrated in meat, the scientists at Impossible Foods have figured out how to isolate it in crops like soybeans and clover," writes Glaser.

Hungry, anyone?  …….The same man who believes vaccines can help reduce world population is a major funder of Impossible Foods fake meat

But isn’t the planet being destroyed by meat production, hence the need for more plant-based foods like fake meat? Not exactly. Besides the questionable science backing the need to ditch meat in order to stop global warming or whatever, there is no mention made in any of the Impossible Foods puff-pieces or marketing literature about how creating the ingredients used in its products is also harmful to the planet – GMOs, for instance, are a chemical nightmare for soil. ..Read Full Story

What’s the point as “WE” allowed JP Morgan to destroy the man…and for what…

…What’s the point as “WE” allowed JP Morgan to destroy the man…and for what… because Tesla dared to break Morgan’s monopoly on distribution on delivery of electric energy…sound familiar…???

Was inventor Nikola Tesla a UFO contactee?

In the more than 70 years since his death, Nikola Tesla has never ceased to be a fascinating, mysterious figure dwelling somewhere outside the borders of history as it is understood by the unseeing masses. While we as a 21st century civilization continue to reap the benefits of his outsized genius, Tesla has yet to be given the recognition he deserves as a major architect of the relatively technologically comfortable age we live in.Still, there are those of us who do give Tesla his due, belatedly but …
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Identify these “human rights” as in America our reputed unchallengeable rights are being taken from us as “WE” watch deaf, dumb, silent from the side-lines…

…Identify these “human rights” as in America our reputed unchallengeable rights are being taken from us as “WE” watch deaf, dumb, silent from the side-lines…

Can human rights save Mother Nature?


Ecosystems and animals are gaining the same legal rights as people.If you’ve spent time on a scenic river or hiked through a special wilderness area, you’ve probably had moments where nature seemed alive — truly alive, with a presence, a personality and a mind of its own. Almost human.Now the law is beginning to recognize this sense of oneness with nature that many of us feel. Around the world, governments and courts have begun viewing the natural world – most recently rivers &ndash…
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performed precisely as directed by his handler$

clip_image002…Az Gov Doug Ducey has performed precisely as directed by his handler$ … The Koch Bro$/dark$$$ … declaring WAR on public education…

Not too shabby for a leader whose EGO needs stroking… besides


…Was lead story worldwide … is on everyone’s mind … is center of attention…

…Not too shabby for a leader whose EGO needs stroking… besides TRUMP’S…

Please help me understand how the use of any ballot initiative by the “left” or the “right”

clip_image002…Please help me understand how the use of any ballot initiative by the “left” or the “right” in any manner thwarts the will of the voters…???

…It seems to me it places final responsibility precisely where it belongs … in the hands of “WE” the people … or it that the writer’s real issue…???