WE” cannot shift all responsibility to Trump for our decision at the polls last November…

clip_image002….“WE” cannot shift all responsibility to Trump for our decision at the polls last November…

Trump Has Already Proven He’s Willing to Bomb the World to Help His Political Standing

By Vijay Prashad, Frontline (India)  ….The U.S. strikes in Syria and Afghanistan seem to be more about Trump acquiring a “presidential” aura and legitimacy than about making the world a safer place.  ……READ MORE»

Clear depiction of Arizona’s bond to the power “dark$$$” has on Arizona…

image... Clear depiction of Arizona’s bond to the power “dark$$$” has on Arizona…

AZ House GOP delegation votes to maintain the Trump swamp of conflicts of interest and corruption


The other show drops: Lawsuit against our lawless Tea-Publican legislature for unconstitutionally underfunding capital needs of school districts


Today Americans refuse to acknowledge the obstructions

…Today Americans refuse to acknowledge the obstructions “WE” have allowed on our watch to be placed in the path of anyone attempting to escape the discrimination clip_image002“WE” deliberate promote…

It’s So Much Harder to Escape Poverty Than You Might Think—It Can Take Decades and an Incredible Streak of Good Luck

By April M. Short, AlterNet…….The U.S. economy is so divided we now have a two-class system, often divided by race, Peter Temin argues in his new book. R……….EAD MORE»

What an incredible commentary that Americans

….What an incredible commentary that Americans will support media that touts drone-killings … cultural discrimination but rebuke anything that pin points our proclivity to discriminate…???

‘SportsCenter’ Anchor Suggests ESPN’s Massive Layoffs Due to Network’s Liberal Programming …Conservatives have long complained that the sports network blatantly pushes a liberal agenda.


By Taylor Link / Salon  ……Longtime ESPN anchor Linda Cohn argued that her network’s alleged liberal bent scared off some of its viewers and subscribers, leading to this week’s “bloodbath” in Bristol.

During a radio interview on 77 WABC Thursday, Cohn addressed the mass layoffs at her network, which saw over 100 on-air talent get the pink slip this week — including a former co-anchor of Cohn’s. The sportscaster candidly blamed the firings on “bad decision making” by ESPN executives.

Talking head Bernard McGuirk, one of the hosts of “The Bernie and Sid Show,” asked Cohn if the “whole Kaepernick thing,” and Caitlyn Jenner winning an award at the ESPYs, perhaps explained the network’s dwindling audience.

“There seems to be a lot of folks that have distaste for the way ESPN goes about some of their programming, and some of their promotions, when socially folks don’t accept these things,” McGuirk said.

“That is definitely a percentage of it,” Cohn immediately agreed, according to the New York Post. “I don’t know how big a percentage, but if anyone wants to ignore that fact, they’re blind,” she said.

For years, conservative sports fans have complained that their favorite network incessantly pushes a liberal agenda in its programming. Right-wing political commentators have written columns upon columns about how the “arrogant thinking of liberal sports writers” and ESPN’s “obsession with politics” were the main reasons the network was losing viewers and, hence, the culture war.

It’s true that ESPN has dedicated time and resources into crafting a diverse voice. For example, the media outlet recently added a new micro website, the Undefeated, which is devoted to black athletes and causes.

This past election cycle, Donald Trump’s rise in the political arena fueled intrigue in the sports world, causing the two communities to collide — much to the disappointment of conservatives.

Yet for all of the ESPN political hand-wringing conservatives have complained of over the years, there was always a Tim Tebow that ESPN idolized and peddled to its Christian viewers.

Right out of the TRUMP “alternative-fact” play book… Or is this Ducey “bullshit”…???

…Right out of the TRUMP “alternative-fact” play book… Or is this Ducey “bullshit”…???

Want A Quality Education? Head To Arizona.


Arizona Home To Best Public High Schools Education In The Country
Arizona not only has the top 3 spots on U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Public High Schools from sea to shining sea, but also a total of 5 in the top 7