Trump declares this is the best thing since sliced bread….

…Trump declares this is the best thing since sliced bread….

This Is What’s In The Health Care Bill House Republicans Just Passed

The Republican-led House on Thursday narrowly passed legislation to repeal major parts of the Affordable Care Act and replace them with a new set of policies designed to significantly scale back the federal role in providing health coverage to Americans.

Here are the key provisions of the American Health Care Act:

·       Millions more uninsured

·       Medicaid cuts

·       Less help paying for health insurance

·       No more mandates

·       Weaker protections for pre-existing conditions

·       Skimpier insurance policies

·       Higher deductibles

·       Higher premiums for older people

·       Lower premiums for younger people

·       Money for states to strengthen their insurance markets

·       Tax cuts worth $592 billion

As Republicans cheered the bill’s passage on Thursday, people who are actually dependent on Obamacare were anxiously wondering what happens next. HuffPost talked to some of them, and you can read their stories here.

"I keep wondering why they want to kill me," said one woman who had a life-saving surgery covered by the Affordable Care Act.


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