what you expect equal justice with this man in charge

…And what you expect equal justice with this man in charge…???

Jeff Sessions Escalates Drug War and Urges Prosecutors to Seek Harsh Sentencing

By Anthony Papa, AlterNet ….After years of progress, our Attorney General is trying to drag us back to the 1980s. R……..EAD MORE»

05-15-2017  •  https://www.youtube.com 
SHOWS EXACTLY WHERE HE STANDS Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has signaled the end of an Obama era policy that favors giving the least possible jail time when prosecuting criminals. In a memo to all 94 U.S. 

Neuroscientist Carl Hart: We Need to Stop Jeff Sessions from Escalating the Racist War on Drugs


Sessions’ order regarding maximum sentences is horrible

5/14/2017 6:31:15 PM  Taylor Millard  …Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants federal prosecutors to pursue the maximum sentence against people who break the law. Sessions sent the memo to all U.S. Attorneys this past week, while everyone was distracted by the firing of FBI Director James

Jeff Sessions’s war on drugs has medical marijuana advocates worried

President Trump recently indicated his administration may not follow a congressional directive to leave state-run programs alone.

By John Wagner and and Matt Zapotosky  •  Read more »


Jeff Sessions: Hardline Trump Ally Hits Ground Running With Role in Comey Firing

Read the Article at the Guardian US

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