What is it “WE are honestly memorializing. On 30 May 2017…???

clip_image002What is it “WE are honestly memorializing. On 30 May 2017…???

While you may see it presumptuous, allow me to note if you dare say, it’s to honor our fallen soldiers … you either deliberately lie or allow yourself to be deceived…

There is no doubt “WE” have been skillfully choreographed over decades and decades and decades to passionately commemorate those who gave their life, idealistically, in the pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

That has been since our revolutionary days, the mantra and picture consistently waved, especially on Memorial Day.

It only takes a bit of intestinal fortitude, to conjure up the “guts,” to turn off the 24/7incssent TV news cycle, and for a few moments, close your eyes, and ask, is it true…???

Did they “give” their life for the pursuit of liberty and justice for all, or were they merely used as cannon fodder, to increase American business and banking interests…???

Whom and where has America rigorously liberated and provided justice for all…???

HELL … “WE” still do not provide that in 2017 to all Americans…!!!

Make no mistake …MEMORIAL DAY … is covertly and clandestinely designed to make sure, “WE” do not forget those who idealistically, “fell” in the defense of our nation, all the while hiding our leaders actual intentions behind a myriad of rules, regulations, national security mumble jumble, as the profits of our business and banking interests $oar.  

Then “WE” memorialize those not so fortunate as to die, but who return to us broken, mentally, physically, psychologically and emotionally, providing them with a pat on the back and a bag full of AMA approved opioids.   Take care, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass, on your way out to the street.

Meanwhile the captains of industry and banking huddle with our President and Congress to plot their next take-over, the next region and human beings ripe for American exploitation, pillage and plunder.

This is what “WE” …Memorialize …!!!

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