…Americans … loud, boisterous … delectably gullible

imageAmericans … loud, boisterous … delectably gullible...


Though we enjoy a luxury to occupy a land of incredible diverse beauty and bounty it is not enough … “WE” … want more.     More of what…???

Americans have an insatiable appetite …but… “WE” know, not what for…???

At one point in our history, it was to give full expression to Manifest Destiny, to exercise absolute dominion over all land and occupants, from sea to shining sea.

In the process, feasting upon the land’s natural resources and abundance, in its wake, leaving behind a tale of extravagance and unthinkable greed.

To satisfy our national appetite for more, “WE” allowed slavery to be sanctioned, knowing all the tentacles, of its brutality and inhumane treatment inflicted upon human beings.

Except …”WE”… made allowances, sanctioning slavery due to the “color” of their skin, their language, their customs.   In other words, “they” were NOT us, they were not WHITE.   They did NOT set foot, as did “WE”, upon America at Plymouth Rock.

And, those pesky, feathered heathens, encountered upon arriving, in North America, like the slaves, captured in Africa, did not have, “WE” chose to conclude, a comparable mental capacity as “WE”… so, were they really human…or as some posed, like the “blacks” merely a generation out of the trees…more ape than man…???

Controlled slavery proved to be a dominant factor in our nation’s growing economic prowess.   While our collective inability to subdue and control those savage “red-skins,” was catalyst for their genocide.    And, besides, they stood, defiantly, in the path of our achieving Manifest Destiny, which “WE” will not abide.

To achieve a dominant economic rank, in the nations of the world … America …chose the path to exploit … everyone and everything … at which, we’ve become damn effective and efficient, as time and history reveal. 

Exploitation is more easily achieved, when coupled with aggressive military swagger, and America today, enjoys a military swagger recognized globally as …tyranny.

American current military competency is acknowledged, for its harshness, shallowness, its inhumanity and the gross economic greed directing its effort.

The cherished stories, so effortless affixed to America’s military endeavors are cleverly couched in “got-cha” terms, in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.   Noble  … but … absolutely untrue.

America’s military unleashed as a sword opens new regions of planet Earth, to the “exploitation” by America’s business and banking interest$$eig Heil…!!!    And now salute …WalMart, Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Amazon, GM, Ford, GE, Goldman Sachs, Bank America to note but a few.

The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms
05-30-2017 –  http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org 
How often do we hear the claim that American troops "defend our freedoms"? The claim is made often by U.S. officials and is echoed far and wide across the land by television commentators, newspaper columnists, public-school teachers, and ma

Whose brands so proudly wave over the oppressed they marginally pay and whose efforts enable them to fly their private multi-million dollar jets to golf and tennis matches worldwide, as well as flamboyant film festivals at Cannes.   Ye$, exploitation has its rewards.

America’s business and banking interests are not content to merely subject human beings worldwide to feel an empty belly, long physically demanding repetitive labor, little or no heath care, they must submit to our control.   To make sure they do, “WE” send in the drones, piloted half way round the world, by faceless military techs sitting at some computer screen.   Like a computer game, they let loose the bombs, never seeing the “whites” of the eyes of those they kill, and never caring when mistakes are made, and innocents die … OOPS…

The need to submit to control of America’s business and banking interests extends to all Americans, save those wealthy enough to write a check.

.. The Deplorable State of Healthcare in America …by Stephen Lendman

Healthcare in America is  bsed on the ability to pay.  A fundamental human right is commodified, rationed to enrich insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains instead of providing vitally needed universal coverage.  Currently around 28 million Americans have no coverage. Numbers grow as costs increase annually.   Among the 11 most developed countries, America ranks last in healthcare equity for its citizens and residents.  Trump’s budget calls for cutting Medicaid by $839 billion over the next decade. It proposes to slash all safety net/social justice programs by $3.6 trillion over the next 10 years.

America’s insatiable appetite to control and dominate is unquestionably not limited to health care, as “climate and science,” too, are expected, to bend and yield to their will.  

Unfettered pollution of our shared air and water are viewed as simply collateral damage and not the result of callous greed in search of short term profit$$$.

Congress Pushes Nuclear Energy, but Has No Clear Plan for Radioactive WasteMike Ludwig, Truthout…Federal lawmakers are pushing legislation to keep nuclear power in the nation’s energy portfolio for years to come, even though politicians still can’t agree on where to put all the radioactive waste the industry generates. With Republicans now reviving the proposal to open a permanent nuclear waste facility at Yucca Mountain, how far will we go down the nuclear rabbit hole? ..Read the Article 


Politicians Are Violence Brokers and Nothing More by Bill Buppert … Posted on May 28, 2017 by Bill … Publisher’s Note: Yes, it’s Memorial Day, a keen riff on what should actually be called Mass Murder Day. America has been at war for 222 years. Through curious and suspect maritime provocations bouncing around the storied history of the US, the American foreign policy and their dull tools in the Pentagram have been merrily waging conflict around the globe for generations. And a small microcosm of those generations have either not returned or returned so maimed and disfigured their parents and close family didn’t recognize them.

The history of America, allowed to be taught, is thoroughly sanitized, wherein only “fabricated” righteous accounts of the WHITES are permitted … while the words and actions of anyone of “color” always framed so as to instill a savage, hostile, violent, emotional understanding of life.  They need always be made to appear inhuman, uneducated and frankly … stupid.

Their value in assisting WHITE America to establish our constitution, has systematically, never been given its authentic notice … not even a simple … Thank You.

It is past time for America to acknowledge … “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”… Chief Seattle

And as America’s President Trump smugly announced America’s withdrawal from the environment Paris Accord … it seem high-time to contemplate…“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”… Cree saying

There is much for Americans to contemplate … Think “WE” will…???

As Scott Pruitt – – EPA administrator – -is nothing more than a fossil fuel puppet is anyone surprised Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord…???

…As Scott Pruitt  – –  EPA administrator – -is nothing more than a fossil fuel puppet is anyone surprised Trump withdrew from the Paris Accord…???

Scott Pruitt, outspoken and forceful, moves to the center of power within the Trump administration

The EPA administrator played a decisive role in president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

By Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis  •  Read more »

And this Trump action best serves America … because…???


…And this Trump action best serves America  … because…???

sold to “dark$$$”