a pace and dance to the life we live

image.There is for each of us, should we voluntarily choose to learn, a pace and dance to the life we live.  And it most assuredly, is not the same for everyone.  Our goal in life, it seems to me, is to be always seeking, to better align ourselves to our own pace and dance, seeking not to emulate that which works for others, because some  “authority” demands.

Writing this I am reminded of a saying which a real estate teacher, many years ago once noted to our class, back when I, too, chose to emulate – them.   He said, “what works … works … what doesn’t work … .doesn’t work … and doing more of what doesn’t work, won’t make it work.” Yea, perhaps a bit corny, but nonetheless, for me, there is expressed, salient wisdom.

In 2017, the pace and dance which most Americans emulate is … speed, quick 140 character tweet exchange, lightening swift cell phone chats, making little or no time, to shake their hand,  to actually, look’em in the eye.

And life being a self-fulling prophesy, Americans elected a leader in November last, who perfectly fits this latest dance craze, one Donald Trump.

His pace, eye and words are quick as is the validity he intends.

What he says and does are only moments long, then, forgotten.

The pace between his tweets, leaves precious little time to contemplate, was anything meaningful disclosed…???   His next tweet shotgun blast, opens up yet another can of worms.

We each need, know, believe and understand , if this be Trump’s authentic pace and dance, fine, it need not be ours…???

We can voluntarily succumb and capitulate to emulate Trump’s pace, song and dance, we might even be intimidated and coerced, but that little voice within, each of us, knows it’s…fake…!!!

To find our own pace and dance, takes time, to carefully powder all we see, feel, read, and hear.

And then to find that harmonic within, which makes sense to us … alone … our truth … a foundation upon which we use as a guide, willing to carefully and selectively modify, as circumstance warrant.


To create our “own” pace and dance, demands, “WE” are aware.   Acutely aware, of those energetic vibrations, we constantly receive, which like minute paper cuts, leave indelible marks somewhere in us.  We need, not be reactive to all that “stuff,” vibrating 24/7 in our face, just be aware its there.

Then find that place, wherein inner harmony dwells, making the time to shut our eyes, allowing our inner voice to seek and find, what is true for us.

It’s really quite easy, just turn off Fox New$ and all the rest, put on some soothing music, close your eyes, and allow your inner voice to seek and speak.

In no time at all, you’ll find it’s even fun…!!!

Do not expect to see or find the pace and dance of others, always appealing to you, that is not to be, for that is theirs alone, as you just might be inclined to ask, just what the hell are they doing…???

If that be where you find yourself, cool, you’ve come a long way to finding your authentic pace and dance.

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