to tip the scale of justice

clip_image002…To suggest that Trump is the only president to put his weight to tip the scale of justice in his favor is grossly untrue … as that has been SOP since the early days of our representative republic…

The Lawless Presidency


David Leonhardt … JUNE 6, 2017 …Democracy isn’t possible without the rule of law — the idea that consistent principles, rather than a ruler’s whims, govern society. 


You can read Aristotle, Montesquieu, John Locke or the Declaration of Independence on this point. You can also look at decades of American history. Even amid bitter fights over what the law should say, both Democrats and Republicans have generally accepted the rule of law. 


President Trump does not. His rejection of it distinguishes him from any other modern American leader. He has instead flirted with Louis XIV’s notion of “L’état, c’est moi”: The state is me — and I’ll decide which laws to follow.

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