it crosses all political persuasions and color

clip_image002…”WE” allowed this to happen on our watch and it crosses all political persuasions and color … “WE” are all in it together…

The Notion That We Must Dominate Nature Has Led to Widespread Devastation That Threatens Our Very Survival

By Dr. David Suzuki, AlterNet

There’s no going back to simpler times, but our survival depends on respecting our place in nature. READ MORE»

America’s most valuable company

clip_image002Perceived as America’s most valuable company … what does that say about us…???

New Documentary Exposes the Shocking Conditions of Apple’s Most Exploited Workers

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet  …….."Complicit" follows Foxconn’s victims-turned-activists in Shenzhen, …….China.

Likely there is validity in this supposition proving one rigidly adheres

…Likely there is validity in this supposition proving one rigidly adheres to the assumption that performing something meaningful is working for  “the man” … Worthy endeavors can be attained in all forms of interaction without fellow man…

Why Universal Basic Income and tax breaks won’t save us from the jobless future

UBI will not solve the social problems that come from loss of people’s purpose in life and of their social stature and identity — which jobs povide.


Yes … make damn sure you put it on