Share & Aware

imageShare & Aware


What is it “WE” are aware and choose to share…??

Some things interesting,


Even fun…!!

That’s the upside

The downside … well…??

How about the unrelenting callous Trump tweets … full of sound and fury though significant of  … nothing…??

Save the ranting of a not so enlightened man …

Who somehow our President did become….??

If you can make sense on how that occurred, please enlighten me…??

I find I am still bewildered on how Americans allowed that…

In 2000, America went from a skirt chasing Rhodes scholar  President to the classic – – “dunce” – – one “W”  Bush, who with Daddy’s, Fox News and our Supreme Court help, was handed the reins to govern us …  his eight years proving to be one hell of a ride for us and the world, too…

Starting on 11 Sept 2001 and continuing today June 2017 …America is at war

Virtually with everyone

With no end in sight

And do “WE” even care…???

As Trump’s hand is now that nuclear button control…

Piss him off and he’s just a likely to “light-up” the sky…

That “WE” all go with it

Never crossing his feeble mind…


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