And we should accept this as true, because…why…???

…And we should accept this as true, because…why…???

Lies, errors and fabrications of the claimed low cost 100% US power from…

07-03-2017 •, … brian wang  …Researchers have detailed the implausible assumptions and many flaws in the Jacobson proposal to provide 100% of the USA’s power with wind, water and solar. Jacobson et al. (2015) consider whether the future primary energy sources for the United States could be narrowed to almost exclusively wind, solar, and hydroelectric power and suggest that this can be done at "low-cost" in a way that supplies all power with a probability of loss of load "that exceeds electric-utility-industry standards for reliability". The analysis involves errors, inappropriate methods, and implausible assumptions. Their study does not provide credible evidence for rejecting the conclusions of previous analyses that point to the benefits of considering a broad portfolio of energy system options. A policy prescription that overpromises on the benefits of relying on a narrower portfolio of technologies options could be counterproductive, seriously impeding the move to a cost effective decarbonized energy system.  …Read Full Story

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