Isn’t this precisely what “big-pharma” & Mon$anto do…???

clip_image002…Isn’t this precisely what “big-pharma” & Mon$anto do…???

This Silicon Valley company wants to ‘make better humans’ through biohacking

07-06-2017-… Uptin Saiidi  …He’s the co-founder of HVMN (allegedly pronounced "human") — formerly Nootrobox — which sells subscriptions for monthly boxes of cognitive supplements. The company is also behind Go Cubes, "chewable coffee" bites sold at convenience stores to compete with products like 5-hour energy.


"We want to make better humans. We want to take technology and use it to help you as a system," Brandt, the company’s co-founder and COO, told CNBC at his San Francisco office. "You have inputs. You have outputs like your productivity, your reaction time, your happiness even."


Andreessen Horowitz led a $2 million investment for the start-up in 2015, as more money has been poured into biohacking-related startups in recent years.


Since the company’s offerings are mixes of approved supplements, the products don’t actually require approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to Brandt.

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