Resistance is never futile…

clip_image001…Resistance is never futile…

The Resistance is making huge strides in the fight to protect Health Care: Friday’s Good News


By GoodNewsRoundup    2017/07/07 · 04:06  Prospects for repeal of the ACA are dimmingThere was a reason Mitch McConnell badly wanted a vote on the Senate health care bill before July 4.

Senate Republicans are back in their home states for a weeklong break, and already, some of them have gotten an earful on the controversial GOP legislation to dismantle Obamacare. The message from their home-state constituents: Don’t you dare vote for that bill.

That’s not great news for Senate Majority Leader McConnell, who was forced to postpone a vote last week and is hoping to reschedule it for soon after lawmakers return to Washington next week.

McConnell says GOP must shore up ACA insurance markets if Senate bill dies

McConnell (R-Ky.) said Thursday that if his party fails to muster 50 votes for its plan to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, it will have no choice but to draft a more modest bill with Democrats to support the law’s existing insurance markets.

The remarks, made at a Rotary Club lunch in Glasgow, Ky., represent a significant shift for the veteran legislator. While he had raised the idea last week that Republicans may have to turn to Democrats if they cannot pass their own bill, his words mark the first time he has explicitly raised the prospect of shoring up the ACA.

You guys, this is HUGE.  For McConnell to even talk about shoring up the ACA is amazing.  Keep fighting you all!  We are winning this!

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) the only Republican senator holding unscreened town halls on health care this week, revealed just how much his party is struggling to pass a bill — and even how to talk about it. The people who crowded in and around Palco’s community center aimed to prove that there was no demand for a repeal of the ACA, even in the reddest parts of a deep red state.

Look at how awesome the resistance is:  Moran announced the Palco event with a week’s notice, and Kansas’s pro-ACA groups mobilized to fill it. Planned Parenthood transported at least 20 people from the Kansas City suburbs, 4½  hours to the east; the city’s chapters of Indivisible did the same. The American Association for Retired People and Alliance for a Healthy Kansas made more calls, driving loyal voters to Palco.

The Healthcare debate is causing tension among republicans.Tensions between Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his old antagonist, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), have reappeared in the high-stakes negotiation over healthcare reform.

Cruz is insisting on a reform to the Senate GOP bill that senior GOP aides say is a nonstarter with much — if not most — of the Republican conference.

The worse they get along with one another, the better our chances are.


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