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clip_image004…On our watch “WE” have allowed Trump to give control of our military to the military … So “WE” just might consider that the military and the “bank$ter$” who finance themclip_image002


might there be truth in this


Hey it improve$ the bottom line…

…Hey it improve$ the bottom line…

Majority Of U.S. Insurance Companies Covering, Promoting Suicide Drugs

07-07-2017  • By Trey Elmore ……….Technocracy’s evil underbelly promotes euthanasia as an extreme form of eugenics, and insurance companies are eating it up. Why? The sooner that terminally ill patients die, the sooner their medical claims stop being paid. Efficiency. ? TN Editor

We already know how benevolent robots can be … Star Wars…

clip_image002…We already know how benevolent robots can be … Star Wars…

A robotic doctor is gearing up for action


A robotic doctor that can be controlled hundreds of kilometres away by a human counterpart is gearing up for action.Getting a check-up from a robot may sound like something from a sci-fi film, but scientists are closing in on this real-life scenario and have already tested a prototype."The robot at the remote site has different force, humidity and temperature sensors, all capturing information that a doctor would get when they are directly palpating (physically examining) a patient," explains … …Read full article at website »

Then we dare label anything organic…???

clip_image002…Then we dare label anything organic…???

How organic is your organic milk? ….


Story at-a-glanceSome organic milk brands contain omega-3-rich oil made from corn syrup-fed algae; while the microalgae are not genetically modified, they are fed corn syrup made from genetically engineered cornIn 2012, USDA realized it had incorrectly interpreted the law when allowing the algae-based DHA oil in organics. A temporary rule allowed its continued use to avoid disrupting the market, but a final rule was never issuedSome organic dairies are concentrated animal feeding operations in disguise, … ..Read full article at website »

Does anyone really care what Chevy Chase thinks…???

…Does anyone really care what Chevy Chase thinks…???

Chevy Chase Admits Saturday Night Live is Liberal Propaganda
07-07-2017  • 
Chevy Chase admits that Saturday Night Live is liberal propaganda disgused as comedy. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

…IF … this poll is correct just what does that say about us..???

…IF … this poll is correct just what does that say about us..???

New Poll Reveals the First Word That Comes to Mind When Americans Think of Trump

Go ahead, take a guess.

By Marty Kaplan / AlterNet  “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

That’s the open-ended question a Quinnipiac poll asked Americans recently. The No. 1 answer: “idiot.”

Have you seen anything since then that would move the needle away from “idiot”? Or from “ignorant” (the ninth most frequent answer), or “stupid” (12th)? He doesn’t know what’s in the Senate’s health care bill. He’s not reading his intelligence briefings. He’s watching more Fox News than your cranky uncle. His behavior seems engineered to provoke responses like, “Can you believe what an idiot/ignoramus/stupid person Trump is?”