JOE …get over it dude you don’t have any more bargain chips…you’ve been thrown under the bus

clip_image002JOE …get over it dude you don’t have any more bargain chips…you’ve been thrown under the bus


"Where is Trump?" Sheriff Arpaio Asks

08-08-2017  •   WASHINGTON, D.C. – After being convicted of criminal misdemeanor contempt, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has come out swinging, arguing the judge was biased and asking why President Trump is abandoning him, considering Arpaio was an ear

OK where is the stop, off, pause, rewind, button….???

Chapter 1

image…OK where is the stop, off, pause, rewind, button….???

I look around rather anxious to find that elusive button…you know the one…it’s labeled…trust & hope.…pushing…this current chaos will cause to cease…


A chaos wherein negativity & deceit interlock overriding everything. Dominating anything good, allowing twisted darkness to take hold…dwell…


In America today, which “we” allow, targeted by corporate trolls Everything now has a price, can be bought…is for sale…dare name just one thing to which a price tag is not attached…???


And please dare not insult regurgitating dribble like: Life, liberty…Pursuit of happiness…Freedom & Justice for all…Land of the Free and Home of the brave…You’re kidding, right… comic relief…???


What we know to be true our small inner voice…still feels….but no longer reveals.  Nor our truth allowed to be spoken publically.


What we know is true…factual… honest…“alternative-fact” now overrides.  As decreed by “The Trump”…a character of fictitious TV fame … You’re Fired … sneers.


“The Trump” = smug large volatile man with appetite demanding approval from everyone about everything he says and does, or does not say nor do…ground pounding applause he must receive… unrelenting kudos too.


One daring not to immediately meekly submit, comply, to prostrate oneself before “The Trump,” risks, first, unwarranted viral vile public humiliation from “The Trump’s”, now infamous, late night Tweets.  If that is not sufficient to immediately bring about the desired outcome “The Trump” seeks, there’s always level 2 & 3, each diabolically designed to inflict increasing levels, types of mental, physical, emotional, psychological pain … for “The Trump” there is no such thing as too much.


Taking a breath and when viewed through the lens of pain, pain is an affinity Americans enjoy.  Conquered North America did “we” with bible, sword, Samuel Colt’s revolver, Remington’s repeating rifle and the dominance of the iron-horse and rail.


Nothing stands that long blocking our path nor the length of our stride. A nation was formed from sea to shining sea from the Rio Grande in the South to the Northern shores of the Great Lakes.

What was once Indian, Mexican, French, other, was no more to be … America is reputed to be an independent nation wherein freedom of choice, speech, religion abound was carved…OMG what a joke…!


On 20 January 2017, the culmination of a political philosophy was achieved, as Donald J. Trump swore an oath to serve and to protect, and by god he has…just not us.


The campaign season leading to Election Day, November 2016, dominated it was with innuendo, rumor, “fake” news, negativity, distortion, fabrication, misdirection, propaganda, pessimism, vicious name calling & finger pointing… which both Democrats & Republicans gleefully provide.


You are aware, are you not, that news in America is  written, directed, delivered by corporate owned controlled interlocking companies and by a mere handful…they simply copy one another…then scream and shout…blaming each other when the  lies they tell are disclosed and “we” are left to question…what is the truth and where can we find it…???


Enter today our reputed white knight, our nation’s Attorney General…one Jeff Sessions.   Who peering down his thin white nose, over his glasses sneeringly proclaims, anyone who “leaks” whatever he solely declares, no advance notice given, not permitted, should expect intense interrogation with a strong light shining in your face.


Undiminished unrelentingly…freedom of speech…is bit by bit, moment by moment, taken away from you and me…in shocked silence we continue to submit.


With freedom of speech GONE no longer are we permitted to ask, to seek, to demand … answers… all answers our government give…are to automatically, without question, believed.


At this juncture suggest you contemplate  George Orwell’s …1984 … which gives birth to “The Trump” decree and use of “alternative fact”… in another era pure bullshit this was coined.

Overlay this “alternative fact” stuff (which is total crap) with our ubiquitous spying in every shape and form of everything we say and do, everyone we meet, even what we think.


Our government, from behind cloistered doors, unleashes overlapping computer algorithms designed to seek to and separate, what they decree is, the wheat from the chaff which reveals to them the truth about us… you and me…  Truth as they alone discern, as we are never permitted to ask, any questions … for freedom of speech we no longer have…


Within an exceedingly short span of time (the blink of an eye) the marvels of technology, we allow to dupe us into allowing “it” to manipulate…us… you & me.  Blame technology NO as “we” willingly bought these goodies hook, line, sinker, and no one beat us.


With our speech censored, controlled, all our actions by cameras watched or if “chipped” a puppet we became.


…And “WE” dare call this freedom …


…Chapter 2 coming soon…

all the earmarks of “propaganda”…

…This has all the earmarks of “propaganda”…

A majority of Americans favor deploying U.S. troops if North Korea attacks South Korea, poll finds

08-07-2017  • A large majority of Americans consider North Korea’s nuclear weapons program a critical threat toward the United States, according to a new poll.

“Human genius has its limits, but stupidity does not

Einstein made this statement. … “Human genius has its limits, but stupidity does not.”…  And America has  President who proves that…

Trump says his political base is ‘stronger than ever’ despite polling to the contrary

The president launched a series of morning tweets from his golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

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GOP Pollster Finds Trump Support Diving to ‘Dangerously Low Territory’ as His Base Begins to Crumble

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their reputed “power” rests on quicksand

…All currently “sitting” politicians need us to believe this propaganda … their reputed “power” rests on quicksand…

Despite Trump’s Unpopularity, Democrats Face Long Road Back Into Power

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