Friend or Foe

Chapter 2


Friend or Foe

…OK where is the stop, off, pause, rewind, button….???


…A call rings out, halt…!

… Who goes there, friend or foe…???

In America, today, do “we” really give a damn..???


What measure, standard, yardstick, gauge or benchmark does America utilize to skillfully determine friend from foe…???

For whose benefit is this determination made…???

You … really think it’s YOU for whom this determination is made…???

Guess again…fool…!


Well if your name is Gates, Bezo, Walton, Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, Koch, Trump or a handful of others, your voice might resonate…but… if you’re just an unwashed “average” American you’re just one of “them” (a nobody, a nothing)… who the likes of “them”(our self-anointed 1%)…daily crush… they call it gainful employment … whereas you likely label it indentured servitude…

America …  now a classic puppet cabal corporate controlled dictatorship has become … controlled by likes of corporate CEO … a privately owned FED controlling our money $$$ and thereby our life … a military always chomping at the bit, to demonstrate its “killing” prowess, ever gnawing at opportunity to use its latest “big-boy-killing-toys”.  Boastfully showing off their drones and robots from computer screen’s half the world away controlled …shamelessly demonstrating the care and compassion of America to bomb you back into the Stone Age and before.  And this “we” do shamelessly to friends, imagine what we do to foes…???


Unluckily branded “foe,” just ask Japan … we’ll unannounced drop that” bomb on you… you know the one … lights ups the sky … in its wake leaving everything dead, dying, destroyed … so don’t ever fuck with us, don’t piss us off, and dare not our enemy become…


And that’s just for starters … as after we’ve annihilated your citizens, we’ll enslave the rest, to work rebuilding just enough of your county for our corporate vultures to assimilate, all your natural resources ours becomie and strip we damn sure will….turning it in to gold which “we” do not share … you may get some but only with ruthless strings attached…beware…

Which do you choose to be …America’s …“friend” or “foe”…???

Hell of a choice…isn’t it…!


Chapter 3 … is being contemplated

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