Trump’s insistence of unquestioning “loyalty” 24/7 is a form of discipline he demands of others while TTUMP exhibits no discipline anytime about anything

image…Trump’s insistence of unquestioning “loyalty” 24/7 is a form of discipline he demands of others while TTUMP exhibits no discipline anytime about anything…

Trump’s lack of discipline leaves new chief of staff frustrated and dismayed

Kelly’s early attempts to impose order on the White House are derailed by the president himself.

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Apparently, he has no desire for that either

image…The last two paragraphs of Montini’s column sum up Az. Governor Ducey rather succinctly…

… Montini writes…“I can understand Ducey’s lack of “desire” to tear down any monuments. It would be controversial and perhaps publically costly.  But as governor, it is his “mission” to lead.

Apparently, he has no desire for that either.”

…I suggest Mr. Montini is acutely aware that Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey is nothing more than a puppet for the Koch Bro$ who pull his strings and direct his action in our behalf…

Under the best of conditions this was a “bad” alliance

image…Under the best of conditions this was a “bad” alliance…

…A clash of super mega alpha male egos lead by mental pygmy demanding unquestioning loyalty and no questions asked … just do precisely what the hell I tell you…

less than a year ago when TRUMP’s words were laced with racism, misogyny, isolation, division, and hate

image…It is less than a year ago when TRUMP’s words were laced with racism, misogyny, isolation, division, and hate … as he campaigned to be our President…

Trump and race: Decades of fueling divisions

Last summer, when Donald Trump’s comments about Mexicans and Muslims led to widespread accusations that he harbored racist attitudes, the candidate pushed back. “I am the least racist person that you’ve ever encountered,” he said.

As evidence, Trump cited an endorsement he’d received from a weekly newspaper published in Ohio by Don King, the legendary African-American boxing promoter.

“Now, Don King knows racism probably better than anybody,” Trump said in an interview with The Washington Post. “He’s not endorsing a racist, okay?”

But how would Trump persuade those who believed he was a racist that wasn’t the case? “I’m not concerned,” he replied. “Actually, I’m not concerned because I don’t think people believe it.”

From his first public controversy in the 1970s, when the federal government sued Trump and his father over discriminatory rental practices in their New York real estate empire, to the opening salvo in his 2016 presidential campaign, when he said that Mexicans entering the United States were criminals and “rapists,” Trump has regularly fanned the flames of racial controversies.

After Trump’s defiant statement Tuesday that “both sides” bore responsibility for the street battles in Charlottesville last weekend, an unusually bipartisan collection of politicians and others have called on the president to back off from remarks portraying an overtly white-supremacist rally as something benign and reasonable.

What do such comments reveal about his personal attitude toward the nation’s wrenching history of racial discord? Are Trump’s racially divisive remarks just another example of his impulsivity and propensity to be provocative, or do they represent an abiding tolerance of racist views?


President Trump’s false claim that counter-demonstrators lacked a permit

The president twice said that counterprotesters did not have a permit in Charlottesville. That’s wrong.

Donald Trump’s morning Twitter rant attacks Republicans who dare to say his name

The New York Times confirms Trump is not only a racist in public, but ‘in private’

White House gives Republicans their talking points on Nazis: ‘The president was entirely correct’

North Carolina KKK leader: ‘I’m sorta glad that them people got hit and I’m glad that girl died’

Trump regime killed funds dedicated to fighting Nazis, denies there’s an issue


Inside Breitbart: An exclusive look at the rage-channeling, presidency-shaping media company at the center of Trump’s America

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 5:14 PM EDT


Breitbart News appeared to materialize overnight, going from the outermost periphery of the media to dominating the political conversation in a pivotal election. The New York Times Magazine got an inside look as the incendiary company wrestles with what happens next.


White identity politics isn’t just about white supremacy. It’s much bigger.

White identity politics is much more mainstream than hooded Klansmen or disaffected white men marching with tiki torches.

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So what are “we” going to do…???


Is it honestly civil war statues and artifacts which are ripping America apart…???

image…Is it honestly civil war statues and artifacts which are ripping America apart…???

…IF…they are actually symbolic of racism and WHITE supremacy are not the actions of Phil Knight/NIKE … Walton Family/WALMART …Steve Jobs/APPLE … Numerous high end fashion apparel manufacturers…as equally contributable to maintaining racism and WHITE supremacy in the manner in which they treat their employees as mere slaves…???

…And let us not leave out our government which for centuries treats all Native Americans as pests to be dealt with in any manner which increases WHITE supremacy…


BREAKING NEWS…President Trump said it was "foolish" to remove Civil War statues. He said the nation’s culture was being "ripped apart."  …Thursday, August 17, 2017 9:25 AM EDT

Under fire for defending racist activist groups, President Trump said on Twitter on Thursday that he was “sad” to see United States’ history torn apart by the removal of “our beautiful statues and monuments,” echoing a popular refrain of white supremacist groups that oppose the removal of Confederate monuments.