How many signs do we need…???

clip_image002… Let me see … Our first sign we got when Hillary Clinton’s controlled DNC summarily dumped Bernie Sanders on his butt, the next sign on 7 November 2016, when the table got turned and Hillary went down in flames. The next one came on 20 January 2017, when Donald J. Trump swore the oath to serve & protect us (yea, you & me, what a laugh) another still in Charlottesville, Virginia on 13 August 2017, as Trump’s hard core white supremacists raised their fist and now Mother Nature enters the fray on 21 August 2017 and a total solar eclipse she provides…what more do we need…???

…Since Hillary stacked the deck till now the GOP controlled Congre$$ little or no legislation has it produced, which benefit you and me, though our military industrial corporate bank$ter butt’s they generously covered.

Our “bullying” President has us on the brink of war with damn near everyone, from the Middle East to North Korea, did I leave anyone one out…didn’t mean to…

At some point with all the hints we have been given you’d think we’d STOP take a completive look around and perhaps question the path we’re on…

As yet that does not appear to be the case…yet these hints we are being given arguably suggest we’re on borrowed time…

We can only foolishly ignore the signs, hints, compelling data for so long then borrowed time…ends…

A termination catastrophic it might be … which likely could have been avoided had we awoken sooner…place our hand on the wheel, righted the ship, set  course out of harm’s’ way…

How many signs do we need…???

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