…So you still think “we” control…???

image…It is understandable many may find the Matrix Trilogy “dark” depressing as it depicts a world condition most Americans have been thoroughly educated not to contemplate.  Upon the Matrix background as template overlay current world and American reality and what do you see…???


Corporate owned news media “talking heads” ply us with a “truth” washed, filtered, homogenized pabulum like goop easily digestible  but lacking any semblance to actuality…


And this” truth” is skillfully and carefully crafted using mathematical algorithms which artificial intelligence (AI) at light speed find “we” can easily and headily assimilate.


Increasingly “we” allow AI to control more aspect of our lives all the while choosing to believe “we” control AI…but… is that true…???


The Matrix Trilogy dares venture into an arena where the opposite exists and a possible reality need be contemplated…


A foundational query posed in the Matrix Trilogy…is…how and who establishes that “we” control AI….and what is control…???


Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots

Some of the world’s leading robotics and artificial intelligence pioneers are calling on the United Nations to ban the development and use of killer robots. Tesla’s Elon Musk and Google’s Mustafa Suleyman are leading a group of 116 specialists from across 26 countries who are calling for the ban on autonomous weapons. The UN recently voted to begin formal discussions on such weapons which include drones, tanks and automated machine guns. Ahead of this, the group of founders of AI and …Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »



Elon Musk calls for ban on killer robots before ‘weapons of terror’ are unleashed

Musk was joined by more than 100 other experts from dozens of nations in a letter to the United Nations.

By Peter Holley  •  Read more »


…So you still think “we” control…???

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