Trump is a fool but is he any bigger fool than “W” Bush

…OK…Trump is a fool but is he any bigger fool than “W” Bush saying “Good Job Brownie” at the disaster Hurricane Katrina left in New Orleans…???

Trump says he witnessed Harvey devastation ‘first hand’—but he didn’t


By Hunter   …Thursday Aug 31, 2017 · 9:24 AM PDT  Bottom of FormThe problem: As many, many, many reporters and other eyewitnesses can attest, Donald Trump was nowhere near the "damage" of Hurricane Harvey. He went to Austin and to Corpus Christi. He met with the Texas governor, and he was briefed at a Corpus Christi firehouse. He was in Texas for a total of about three hours.


That’s probably for the best; nobody wants their high-water rescue delayed because the Secret Service needs to commandeer thirty or so flat-bottomed boats for some sightseein’. But Trump could have just said nothing—Trump could always, in these situations, just say nothing—and instead he had to lie to America because it’s some sort of nervous tic. Wake up, brush your teeth, pointlessly lie about something every fact checker or news watcher in America knows is false the minute your pie-hole slams shut again, repeat.

The next step, inevitably, is White House Press Secretary Insert Name Here redefining the entire English language rather than admitting the unpleasant man in the curved-wall room was once again being dishonest.

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