What JOE is…???

imageWhat JOE is…???

…Loyal … Dedicated soldier never shirked any assignment given to him … Stayed the course …Produced measurable results…

…Joe will always be hero to residents in Sun City … Sun Lakes …and other retirees in Arizona fearful “they” will be victimized by “them” … you know … those of  “color” the very ones JOE protected them from…

…Racism… is very much alive and dwells deep in the hearts of many Arizona citizen… who scarcely tolerate “them” …but … for the service they provide to care for our lawns, golf courses, prepare our food, wash our cars, do our laundry, make our beds, and provide colorful displays during festive events…but… friends they are not…trusted they are not…neighbors we choose them not to be…

That is for whom JOE will always be HERO

Oh, Contraire’… What is SHAMEFUL is the City of Phoenix government

image…Oh, Contraire’… What is SHAMEFUL is the City of Phoenix government … City Council …Mayor… Police Dept… City managers choosing to NOT immediately provide full disclosure and transparency on all law enforcement actions on Trump’s visit…

…Then in total “chicken-shit” manner attempt to hide behind some purchased “independent” out of state report…???


If you are anti-home-schooling…I dare you to read … Dum

…If you are anti-home-schooling…I dare you to read … Dumbing Us Downby John Taylor Gatto


Three myths about home schooling debunked

The idea that home-schooled kids miss out on social opportunities is not true, experts say.As the summer winds down and the school year picks back up for many of us, more parents will be preparing to home school their children. About 1.8 million children in America are home-schooled, and that number is growing, according to the U.S. Department of Education.Why are more parents choosing to home school?A Department of Education survey found that most parents do it out of a concern about the environment of … …….Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »

…Can anyone legitimately deny that “we” now permit the development of “Franken” fish with repercussion of which we may not experience for generations…???

…Can anyone legitimately deny that “we” now permit the development of “Franken” fish with repercussion of which we may not experience for generations…???

Thousands of Farmed Atlantic Salmon Escape Into Pacific Ocean (Video)

By Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch     Could the farm-raised fish threaten wild Pacific salmon ….? READ MORE»

IF…American business followed the “precautionary clause”…would this even be an issue…??

…IF…American business followed the “precautionary clause”…would this even be an issue…??

Precautionary  PrincipleEnvironmental policy increasingly incorporates the “precautionary principle” which calls upon governments to impose regulatory measures based upon the barest potential of environmental harm. 

Ø      The precautionary principle holds that “When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if some cause and effect relationships are not fully established scientifically.”

Ø      A corollary to the precautionary principle is that the proponent of an activity or new technology should bear the burden of proof to demonstrate that it is without risk.

Ø      Applied in even a mild formulation, the precautionary principle will create “bottlenecks” in the development and distribution of new technologies.

Ø      Some proponents of the precautionary principle call for moratoria on the development and use of biotechnology and the phase-out of chlorinated chemical compounds.

Ø      The precautionary principle was adopted in the Masstricht Treaty of the European Union, referenced in numerous international environmental treaties, and incorporated into the operative provisions of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

Ø      Adopting the precautionary principle can increase risks to human health and environmental protection by focusing on the risks posed by the introduction of new technologies while ignoring the risks that new technologies can alleviate or prevent.

Ø      Advocates of the precautionary principle tend to assume that economic growth and development are themselves a threat to public health and environmental protection, yet the rise of industrial society has coincided with a massive explosion of wealth and health that is unprecedented in the history of human civilization.

Ø      To enhance public health and environmental protection, the precautionary principle should not be adopted.  Rather, the risks of new chemicals or products must be weighed against the risks that they ameliorate or prevent.

Should Texas Residents Know the Chemicals They’re Breathing After the Arkema Plant Explosion?


Texas Republicans Pushed to Kill Safety Regulations for Arkema Chemical Plant Before Explosion

Filling out forms for government agencies which do not communicate nor share data is a way of life in America…get used to it

...It is a sorry state of affairs that we must personally experience for ourselves how we have allowed our government to become so isolated and compartmentalized so that the left hand has absolutely no idea what the right hand is reputedly doing in our behalf…

….Filling out forms for government agencies which do not communicate nor share data is a way of life in America…get used to it…


Rotting walls. Endless forms. So many phone calls. Our reporter spent 48 hours with one family as they began to rebuild after Harvey.

Saturday, September 2, 2017 12:48 PM EDT


She couldn’t sleep. Not now.

Kris Ford-Amofa lay next to her husband in a spare bedroom at her sister’s house, thinking once more about the brown water that had slithered under the front door of the first home she had ever owned. The water that swirled around her three children as the family fled, wading up City Green Trail to seek refuge at a neighbor’s house. The water that had buckled their living room floor, rotted the drywall and made them homeless. The floodwater that was not covered by their insurance.

Where did she even start? On Thursday, she got up early, set two phones on the kitchen table — one for Federal Emergency Management Agency, and one to call Enterprise about a rental car — and started dialing, launching into her third day on the job as a disaster-recovery coordinator for her upended family.

Read More »

they exert on our Congre$$ there is no doubt

…With the influence they exert on our Congre$$ there is no doubt they can affect how AG/Jeff $e$$ions prosecutes marijuana growers except those loyal to Mon$anto/Bayer…

How Monsanto & Bayer are trying to take over the cannabis industry

Responsible for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the pesticides that are sprayed on them, Monsanto is on the tips of everyone’s tongues lately. Health conscious individuals are doing everything they can to boycott this company and support others instead, even if that means opting for much pricier organic produce.There are a number of reasons for their concern, including the fact that no long-term studies have been done to show the potential health effects of consuming… …..Read full article at NexusNewsfeed.com website »

Access to medical cannabis speeds ahead in countries outside the US

Despite newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Session’s unfounded proclamations that marijuana destroys families and lives, the steady march of medical marijuana successes and greater access to patients continues internationally.North and south of the U.S. borders, making medical marijuana available to patients who need it is making strong advances.Since its start in 2000, Canada’s nationwide medical marijuana system has evolved into a more accessible program for patients today, and 2018 is…
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