We can squander this opportunity

…We can squander this opportunity to thoroughly assess “climate change” or we can choose to make some difficult decisions about how we effectively  interact with our environment…

Hurricane Harvey Exposes Danger of Tax Cuts, Deregulation, Aging Infrastructure, Ignoring the Environment and ‘Limited Government’

By Donald Cohen, The Huffington Post

Here come the snake oil salesmen, pushing more of what made Harvey more destructive than it should have been. READ MORE»

Hurricane Harvey: Trump’s Weather Cuts Are Now in the Eye of the Storm

By Judith Lewis Mernit, Capital and Main

Donald Trump has proposed cutting the federal weather satellite agency’s roughly $2 billion budget by 18 percent. READ MORE»

The federal government is burning through cash even faster than the White House estimated in responding to Hurricane Harvey, prompting the Trump administration to revamp its emergency funding request.

The White House is sending a formal plea to lawmakers this evening seeking $7.85 billion as a down payment in aid for areas ravaged by the superstorm – nearly $2 billion more than the administration estimated earlier in the day.

The White House is warning that the additional funding could be in jeopardy if Congress doesn’t act quickly to raise the debt limit.

Read more: http://politi.co/2vSutUI

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