So is there anything SAFE to consume

…Got it … the animal products we consume are loaded with pharmaceuticals while the produce we consume are loaded with Mon$anto’s GMO, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides … and let’s NOT talk about what’s in the AIR we breathe nor the WATER we drink…???

…So is there anything SAFE to consume…???

Antibiotics used in food production are fuelling a major global health crisis


Approximately 80% of all antibiotics used in the United States are given to animals raised on factory farms for human consumption. This means that the majority of the population consuming meat and animal products are also consuming large amounts of antibiotics, most of the time without even knowing it.Most of the antibiotics used are given to healthy animals to either promote growth or prevent disease, which is caused by the unsanitary living conditions that come with factory farming. This means … ..  Read full article at website »

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