Then maybe kudos might be considered…!!!

clip_image002…And on the other hand exactly what do WE deserve from these water gurus…???

How about full disclosure and transparency…???

How about there   is always an authentic full partner seat the table for – WE – the people  – in all water discussions…???

…Then maybe kudos might be considered…!!!

my friend you are going to be thrown under the bus

…But if you are expecting the FTC is going to make rule changes that benefit you … my friend you are going to be thrown under the bus…

The FTC is investigating the Equifax breach. Here’s why that’s a big deal.

It’s rare for the FTC to disclose an ongoing probe.

By Brian Fung  •   Read more »

What is to be gained by only emphasizing division, separateness…???

Sides…Bad dudes… Divide … Separate …Where is the “US” … United  …Integrated  …Assimilated … Included … Incorporated…

President Trump repeated his claim that both sides shared blame for the Charlottesville violence: The left has "pretty bad dudes" also

Thursday, September 14, 2017 5:42 PM EDT


…Chew on Trump’s words for several minutes and then inform me where there is an “olive-branch” or inclusion…???

…What is to be gained by only emphasizing division, separateness…???

…America, like it or not is a nation of many “colors,” many tongues, many creeds, many life styles …so get over it…

Phoenix missed a golden opportunity

clip_image002…While on the one hand I find it disturbing on the other I find it amusing that ”we” allow those we elect … who swear an oath to serve & to protect us … to use every opportunity to deny “us – the people, the voters, the citizens, tax payers – oversight of all government agencies reputedly operating the  sphere of “protecting” us…

For me this oversight is not limited to law enforcement, it includes air quality, water, power, sanitation, food, education, prisons and especially tax breaks…

Moreover it is beyond disturbing that “we” allow our elected leaders to deny us full disclosure and transparency to al l the action they reputedly take in our behalf.

Why do “we” allow these same elected leaders to HIDE from action they take in our stead by appointing useless commissions, study groups, outside experts to perform what amount to “damage-control” to cover their butts…???

I have no proof, no evidence…but…I believe the altercation between Phoenix citizens and our Phoenix police following Trump’s recent campaign visit could and should have been foreseen…???

NO, I am not a physic …BUT … please stop for a moment and reflect on the fervor and rhetoric Trump uses at his rally’s to “fire-up” his core which serves equally to incite those who equally detest him, his policies, and his actions.

That tensions would be “ignited” immediately following Trump’s rally appears to me would be readily apparent and that an individual considered reasonable by the many could have been a calming ingredient lessening the latent hostility.  

I do not know our City of Phoenix Police Chief, from what I have read, leading up to her being chosen I was impressed, especially because she is female, offering a perspective most often missing in these encounters.   I do not know, what directions, instruction, commands, directives she was given by our city council or city management, nor Trump’s security, if any … but… Phoenix missed a golden opportunity to show America that Phoenix is capable of providing an environment wherein “any” voice can be respectfully and peacefully heard

Focus first on air … water …which control our food

…Focus first on air … water …which control our food…

Want to Fix America’s Health Care? First, Focus on Food

By Dariush Mozaffarian, The Conversation

Our dietary habits are the leading driver of death and disability. READ MORE»

Welcome to Arizona …”WE” love to hate

..Why should this be a surprise as Arizona is home to SB1070 one of American’s more draconian racist enacted laws (ultimately declared illegal)   home to America’s self-anointed toughest sheriff Joe Arpaio … home to  former  GOP  Governor  finger-wagging-in-your-face-President Obama …Jan Brewer…

…Welcome to Arizona …”WE” love to hate…

Motel 6 confirms that employees at their Arizona sites were calling ICE

Motel 6 Chains Are Allegedly ‘Selling’ Undocumented Immigrants to ICE for $200 a Pop

By Liz Posner, AlterNet

One man was detained for carrying a Mexican ID card.  READ MORE»

WEED game over

…Being a staunch card carrying Mormon it seems likely that Senator Orin Hatch received permission from the Mormon Church hierarchy before announcing his decision…

Orrin Hatch hailed the benefits of medical marijuana on Wednesday. When an 83-year-old conservative from Utah is ready for more weed use, you know the tides are changing.


clip_image001   ………. WEED game over….